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Latest Post by: kugrin / Community Guru

I am not too fond of taking pictures of one's food, but I couldn't help it. I tried something new today... see post
Posted in: Coffee Break
3 hours ago
3 Replies
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Latest Post by: oambrosa / Ace Contributor

Google Panda refresh is comming to us in the followi9ng weeks, read more about this here:... see post
Posted in: Clients
4 hours ago
1 Replies
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Latest Post by: garnorm / Community Manager

By now most of you are aware of the measures we’ve been taking to elevate the level of quality in the... see post
Posted in: Announcements
4 hours ago
1 Replies
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Latest Post by: 13f696c8 / Active Member

I'm hoping a moderator or someone from the team can provide some clarification on the issues I'm... see post
Posted in: Clients
7 hours ago
2 Replies
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Latest Post by: goodmutt / Active Member

Hello, My name's Ashley and I've been off and on Upwork/oDesk since July.  I've applied to what... see post
Posted in: Design & Multimedia
8 hours ago
7 Replies
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Latest Post by: abdullah-saoudi / Active Member

i just heard that Paypal is working now in Egypt and we can recieve money to our Egyptian Paypal account ,... see post
Posted in: Freelancers
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