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Any Prompt Engineers for LLMs let's meet here!

Hello everyone! Let us intorduce ourselves and connect here for AI LLM trainers and Prompt Engineers.



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I am learning NLP at the moment and want to advance towards LLMs.

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Hey, I'm prompt engineer too and developing prompts for specific use cases with place holders. Its really fun to play with place holder variables and explore opportunities of LLMs though 😄

"Language Model Engineering for Large Language Models (LLMs) is at the
forefront of AI innovation. Explore the intricacies of designing, training,
and fine-tuning LLMs to achieve state-of-the-art performance in natural
language processing tasks. Discuss the architecture choices, data
preprocessing methods, and training strategies crucial for developing
robust LLMs. Highlight the challenges faced in improving language
understanding, generation, and transfer learning. Share insights into
ethical considerations surrounding LLMs, emphasizing responsible AI
development. Consider demonstrating the capabilities of LLMs through
interactive language tasks or text generation examples to illustrate their

Hi wassay, it is interesting though there is unbelieveable oppportunities of LLMs with various models

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Hello, I do prompt engineering as well. Its nice to meet others in a professional capactity that do the same. I create custom persona's with ways to extract dialed in, information from the LLM. What are others specialties?

nice meeting you Bruce! My focus area is Bard and Lamda models but looking forward to elevate my skills somehow.

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I have been using the new AI tools and prompt engineering for all of this year because my Upwork clients are in need of these skills. All of my 200+ client engagements this year have had an AI component.

Hi William, yes it is this years major trend amongst my clients too.

Nice to meet you.

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✋ - Both on the personal side, but increasingly more on the Upwork side, it's been something new and fun to learn over the past 12 months! 

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Totally yes!