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Are You Future-Proofing Your AI Knowledge? Let's Share Tips and Tricks! Hey everyone, Like many

Hey everyone,


Like many of you, I'm always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new technology and trends. With the rapid pace of innovation in the AI space, it can be tough to keep up with all the latest developments and insights.


That's why I wanted to start a discussion about how we can future-proof our AI knowledge and stay ahead of the game. It doesn't matter who you are or how much passion you have for the topic/subject of AI, I'd love to hear how you're staying informed and up-to-date. Also, do let me know if AI is something you have not looked into it yet. 


Some questions to get the ball rolling:


  • Is AI something you are familiar with or not yet?
  • What are your favorite resources for staying up-to-date on AI trends and news?
  • How do you balance learning about new AI topics while also focusing on your current work/studies?
  • Have you found any particular tools that work well for you?


Let's share our tips and tricks, and help each other stay on top of the ever-evolving AI landscape!

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Great thread topic!


1. Expert

2. YouTube, Google News and Yahoo Financial News

3. I study one to two hours a days mostly from an AI Strategy point of view. Especially in relationship to the coming job displacements, ethics, job opportunities being formed, business, etc.

4. Jasper and ChatGPT-4


What about you?

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Hello Hugo,


My future-proofing would be like


-  I am working on it

- Youtube, and LinkedIn Ai based pages

- Studying anytime when I get the chance to look at

- Stable diffusion, Midjourney, and any design/video-based AI platforms.








Are you reading LinkedIn AI articles or using the Learning Center AI courses on LinkedIn?

Reading and following. Saw your article on the benefits of AI and Wl post. Sooner or later I will take the course when the one I want to take is available.




I have been writing for LinkedIn for a month (Invitation only) so I am not even familar with how they are promoting the articles. How did you locate the AI article that I contributed to? Thanks!

Because I was following you, I received a notification.





Thanks for showing me that - I have never seen this message and was curious how LinkedIn was pushing out the contributions.

You are welcome, have a nice day.