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Buzzfeed & ChatGPT. Thoughts From Writers?

Not sure if you all seen this in the last couple days. They basically laid off a bunch of staff and said they are going to leverage AI to create all kinds of content. Funny thing is, Google has already said that it is working on not promomoting / ranking ChatGPT content but even than, how would Google know : )


What do you all think? Especially content writers?



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Thanks for the Post! 


You don't want to get me started on this topic. As a AI Marketing Economist, I am too close to these trends.


It's the ChatGPT-3 API application tools that are currently having the biggest impact.


When I was in college I worked for the Small Business Development as a consultant and had the opportunity to work on about 100 projects especially business plans. For the fun of it last week, I created a flower shop's three year business plan including financials in 10 seconds. Of course if I was helping a client, modifications at Intermediate to Expert level would have been needed. However, it completely removed entry level work and saved hours of my time compared to the old days.


Recent headline news on ChatGPT:


- Makes B grade on Wharton MBA exam

- Passes state medical exam

- Passes several parts of state law exam

- Codes new website


From a labor economic worldview, there are many implications.


Assume a company employs 100 writers and with the new API application tools now only needs 20 writers to get the job completed. 80 writers become unemployed seeking jobs throughout the Net. Now there is less of a need for writers from the Corporations and there is a flood of new competition. This is one of dozens of examples that will begin to play out in 2023 going forward.


BOTTOMLINE - Increase your SKILL SET and go to Expert level on many disciplines ASAP.


Microsoft bought 49% of OpenAI the owner of ChatGPT and the Microsoft is sharp enough to use the Azure cloud and the Microsoft Suite to push these new tools out quickly and corporations will have their employees using them soon.


I am open for discussion and no trying to shoot the Expert messager 🙂



Sure, increase your skill set and wait for HAL 9000 to replace those.






Love it 🙂 


It's a typical day at work now.

William, are you sure the message above was not generated by ChatGPT : ) ha. It was a great roundup for sure. I do agree in general that things are going to change super fast here. I have been experiencing it with PPC (Pay Per Click) where Google and other platforms have been slowly taking all campaign creation / management 100% to AI. I have been Upskilling ny whole career so its not an issue on my side but in the next few years, if all you do is PPC, watch OUT!



Thanks for that - I just busted out laughing! My response was ChatGPT also 🙂 We can now let our computers have a conversation with each other and we can go take a break.






If these were sardonic responses, I am incapable of identifying them as such. 

Seems So : )

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I have read that running the service with 1M+ users will cost 1B+ to manage / pay for the service. crazy. massive processing