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Clients are looking for your AI expertise. Optimize your offerings to increase discoverability.

AI skills are more in-demand than ever before and Upwork clients are looking to get expert advice. Here are some quick tips to increase discoverability by optimizing your offerings to reflect your AI skills.


If you currently offer a Development and IT consultation 

Show up in filtered client searches by adding the new AI & Machine Learning default topic to a Development & IT consultation. To do this: 


  1. Go to My Project Dashboard
  2. Find the Development & IT consultation you want edit, then select the “...” menu and choose “Edit”
  3. On the Project Overview page, make sure your category is “Development & IT Consultations”
  4. Under Areas of Expertise, select  “AI & Machine Learning” and any additional relevant meeting topics you want
  5. Select “Save & Continue” until you get to the Policies page, then select “Save” to update your consultation 


If you do not yet offer a consultation

Here are some helpful resources on how you can start offering consultations and earn Talent Badges.


Bonus Tips for Additional Discoverability

  • Add relevant AI skills tags to your profile under “Skills” to reflect your areas of expertise
  • Build a specialized profile for your Generative AI work to showcase your relevant skills to clients
  • Create a ready to purchase AI Project with a defined scope, timeline, and price
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As AI skills are in high demand, I am excited to showcase my proficiency in this field and attract potential clients seeking expert advice.

I have followed your instructions and updated my Development & IT consultation to include the "AI & Machine Learning" default topic, ensuring better discoverability in filtered client searches.

Moreover, I have added relevant AI skills tags to my profile to highlight my areas of expertise, and I am in the process of creating a specialized profile for my Generative AI work to further showcase my capabilities.

I want to share a fantastic AI tool that has revolutionized my work - Tensor.





art. I found it to be far superior to others like Mid Journey Blue Willow, offering remarkable results.

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All of my 100+ Consultations / Projects this year have had an AI component to them. Think of AI being added to reading, writing, and math. Within two years, the majority of freelancers that are using Upwork will be using some form of AI to complete their jobs.