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Free AI Tool- Cascadeur Ai-assisted keyframe animation software

Do you have a chance to try this AI tool https://cascadeur.com/

Drag-and-drop joints of your character in our Quick Rigging Tool to generate the rig automatically. Rig standard skeletons from Daz3d, Character Creator, Mixamo, Unreal Engine, Metahuman, or Player. me with one click. You can customize the auto-generated rig or create your own for non-humanoid characters. Any opinion on this, it seems can be very helpfull in animation production line 

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Are you using the tool and do you use DALL-E 2 or Midjourney? Which do you like best and why?

Yes , actually I am in AI since Nvidia realised deep learning in 2016. Midjurney are closer to me , but I combain it with runaway and stable diffusion. I use Midjureny more as render.Uploading my graphic and try to found right prompt for right rendering , found that way more coherent .Also I enter in beta for Unity AI , now Im testing that so we will see 🙂

Do you find that Midjourney is good for colorful play graphics, but not as good for professional graphics? Why or why not?

Because AI still cannot interpret the true meaning of words, a lot of time needs to be invested to achieve the required level of detail and content of the image itself. It is much faster and simpler to train it using examples along with prompts. Then, it becomes a truly powerful little renderer. It's a tool like any other, but to create professional illustrations that don't resemble each other and have a specific quality, an artist is still needed. For me, every AI tool has proven to be the best. And I'm not complaining, I think that's really okay.

I use Bard, Jasper, ChatGPT and started playing with Midjourney but didn't have enough time in the program to know if these are true limitations or I just don't have enough experience.

In essence, both are true. Regardless of AI being presented as a solution at your fingertips, it is still a tool, albeit a somewhat simpler one to use. It requires at least basic programming knowledge to control prompts, as well as knowledge of aesthetics, form, and camera usage to fully harness it. To make the most out of it, you need to be an artist. That's why some AI works are repetitive and similar, while others make you go 'WOW, what happened here?' For example, Stable diffusion works like Nvidia's deep learning algorithm. To avoid artifacts in the camera, I had to write a sinusoidal formula :)"

I hope this captures the essence of your original message! Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.In one word, a professional is needed for AI to truly deliver results, it can't be done with just a click.Therefore, I am not very afraid that AI will replace the profession; it can accelerate it. Currently, there is a lot of hype, and us artists feel threatened because clients refuse to pay the fair price, claiming they can do it themselves with AI. However, I see that tensions are easing, and it's not exactly the case. Here on Upwork, there are increasingly more job postings with descriptions like "We need someone who is skilled in AI to achieve coherence." Prices are still lower because they don't understand the time and repetitions required, but I believe that will be sorted out soon.You simply have to KNOW what you're doing.