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Have you tried Jasper yet?

You may have heard that Upwork has teamed up with Jasper to offer independent professionals on Upwork an extended 30-day free trial of Jasper’s generative AI platform. Jasper is known as a tool for creating content efficiently without compromising on personalization or quality. It can help enhance your unique tone and voice to make communication more effective, help you get over writer’s block, or save you time and effort when developing marketing assets. And that’s just a few of its capabilities. 


Join us on August 9, 2023, at 9 am PT where we’ll be speaking with Jasper’s Head of Marketing Innovation, to learn more about how AI tools like Jasper can help you in your work. 


Log into your freelancer account to access your free trial. This offer is open to all freelancers on Upwork.





Disclosure: Upwork is a Jasper Affiliate and receive referral payments from Jasper. When using Jasper, you will be subject to Jasper’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.As always, independent professionals remain responsible for evaluating the tools offered and determining the fit for their business needs, as well as compliance with all laws and legal requirements in operating their freelance business. The presentation represents the perspectives and opinions of the speakers, and Upwork does not endorse or take responsibility for any of the views expressed by individuals other than Upwork representatives.


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We want to hear from you!  


Have you registered for your free trial? What do you think so far?


Or, do you already use Jasper? Share how you use it to help those trying it out for the first time.

I'm curious, unfortunately I couldn't register for free trial.

I yet to try it out. Thanks for the information

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I just registered - but not really sure what am I supposed to use that for? writing proposals? creating illustrations? writing articles? I mean - if I use it for any of the above - that won't be my proposal, my design or my writing. upwork can offer that to their clients - clints are the ones who will use that thing - not freelancers

...my 2 cents...

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Hey Sanja.
There are other (free) alternatives to jasper to help you draft proposals and things like that. These tools are not meant to give you something finished that you can sent the employer immediately, but something you can edit a little to get it to look to your liking. Just saves time when writing.
With LLMs  you usually need to tell them the type of response you want, for example, someone may ask:
Write a cover letter for the following freelancing job:
" <job desciption posted by the future employer>"
use the following style:
" <example cover letter used before LLMs arrived> "
make mention of my skills and background:
" <list of skill and background you want to make sure the AI doesn't miss> "
after that the LLM will usually give you an acceptable cover letter from which you can proofread and edit. Or you can follow up with commands like "make it shorter" or "mention I have 20 years of experience" and so on.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for the information! It's indeed interesting to learn about the new possibilities on the Upwork platform with the use of Jasper's artificial intelligence. Undoubtedly, such a tool can greatly simplify content creation without compromising personalization or quality. It could help improve your unique tone and voice, making communication more effective, overcoming creative blocks, or saving time and effort in developing marketing assets. And these are just some of its capabilities.

I'll definitely join the event on August 9th, 2023, at 9:00 AM Pacific Time to learn more about how artificial intelligence tools like Jasper can assist in our work.

Looking forward to this opportunity! Thanks for sharing this information.

Best regards, Tanya.

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I have used Jasper for almost a year now and it's part of everyday work.

Hi William, is it possible to grow a database with experiences whithin Upwork?

Hi Felipe,


I have completed 470 Jobs on Upwork with about 25 new ones per month; so the answer is yes.


It takes in-demand expert Skills to have the best opportunities.

This is impressive!

I hope learn more from you.


I'm looking to offer strategic design consulting services, for example, how to enhance a website to align with business strategies and drive sales (visual branding and systems). Right now, I'm learning how to deliver valuable reports and understanding the consulting offerings and pricing to list on Upwork. I'm quite curious about using Jasper but since haven't had any clients yet; I'm studying with free ChatGPT.



The free ChatGPT3-5 is Ok, however for $20 per month, the ChatGPT4 is available and much better.

Dear Sir,
I could not earn even a single dollar. By the way my profile has been off
then how can I pay $20 per month. Please release my file so that I can earn
and be able to pay a monthly subscription.
Thank you

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I used it. After trial they charged me yearly. I contacted support and was refunded.


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I have used Jasper almost daily for a year proof my writing and for creative ideas in marketing, sales, and artificial intelligence. It's built on the OpenAI platform and current for internet search.