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Please Introduce Yourself!

Hello Everyone! 


This thread is here so you can introduce yourself to your fellow Community members!


You are encouraged to add some details on:

  • what you're looking to achieve with joining this Community​, 
  • what you'd love to learn from other ​freelancers, or 
  • what business processes you've got figured out!

Tell us a little bit about yourself below!

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Hi all!  I'm Stan and I'm happy to be part of a forward-thinking community, that's driven by curiosity and creation!

My experience is around 10 years in design, marketing and video production.

I'm using Midjourney, ChatGPT, other more famous ones as well.


Excited to see in action the combination of tools and specific usages for creating new value for a new world!

Happy to connect with anyone interested in AI in Design/Content Creation/Video/UI.

I'm also a community guide in the group so if there are other designers/marketeers around, we might have some topics for that niche if it seems interesting. 



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Very happy to be part of this group! Thank you.

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Hi all!  I'm Stan and I'm happy to be part of a forward-thinking community, that's driven by curiosity and creation!

My experience is around 10 years in design, marketing and video production.

I'm using Midjourney, ChatGPT, other more famous ones as well.


Excited to see in action the combination of tools and specific usages for creating new value for a new world!

Happy to connect with anyone interested in AI in Design/Content Creation/Video/UI.

I'm also a community guide in the group so if there are other designers/marketeers around, we might have some topics for that niche if it seems interesting. 



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Deepak Sethi - Accomplished Data Engineer Scientist




I am thrilled to share my enthusiasm . With my extensive experience and expertise, I bring a solid foundation in creating and deploying scalable data architectures, along with a knack for developing and optimizing data pipelines on Google Cloud Platform and Mage. My proficiency in Python programming, machine learning, and deep learning techniques enables me to conduct advanced data analysis with precision. Leveraging tools like Lucid and Looker Studio for data engineering tasks, I consistently deliver insightful outcomes that fuel business growth. Moreover, my exceptional communication skills and collaborative approach make me a valuable asset to clients and companies alike.


Throughout my rewarding 5-year freelance career, I have had the privilege of working with diverse North American clients across domains such as healthcare, finance, and automotive. This extensive experience has sharpened my ability to deliver exceptional results consistently. I hold a postgraduate certification in Big Data from IMT Ghaziabad, complemented by an MCA and BCA from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. These qualifications have equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of data analysis, modelling, machine learning, deep learning, data visualization, and storytelling. Furthermore, my proficiency in programming languages like Python, SQL & Big Query, and expertise with tools including Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras, Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, and Seaborn further enhance my capabilities.


During my freelance journey, I successfully completed over 40 projects, each highlighting my ability to deliver impactful solutions. Notable achievements include developing a predictive model for forecasting patient readmissions in healthcare, building a fraud detection model for a finance company, and creating a predictive maintenance model for an automotive company. These endeavours led to tangible benefits such as reduced readmissions, mitigated fraudulent transactions, and optimized maintenance costs.


Passionate about addressing complex business challenges through data-driven solutions, I thrive in collaborative team environments. My expertise extends beyond creating and deploying scalable data architectures and optimizing data pipelines. I possess a profound understanding of advanced data analysis techniques and possess hands-on experience with tools like Lucid and Looker Studio, which enable me to extract meaningful insights to drive business growth.


To get a better sense of my skills and accomplishments, I invite you to explore my work on the following platforms:


In addition, you may contact me on LinkedIn and here.



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hello sir

Ali Abbas
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Hello everyone!


My name is Dev, the Chameleon Copywriter at Kewbie UX and the NeuroQueer Companion at the Queer Baobab.


I recently completed a cool course on Linkedin Learning: "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" by Doug Rose and it opened up my world about AI, how it's created, and what's possible at this stage.


I have a series of blogs and I write about all the different things that interest me, and AI is one of them.


I'm hoping to learn from experts and fellow curious earthlings here.


Feel free to reach out here or via LinkedIn or my website!



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Hi all!


I'm Óscar, a Computer Engineer from Canary Islands, currently focused in developing Machine Learning solutions for the financial sector. I'm self-taught in Artificial Intelligence by studying books, using Kaggle and following through the fast.ai MOOC (which, if you are interested in developing Deep Learning models, it's definitely a must to complete it!).


I've joined this community mainly to meet other fellow freelancers that are currently integrating AI solutions into their workflows, no matter their area of expertise, and to discuss, share, and learn ways of improving how we work and augment the quality we are able to deliver to our clients and customers.


In the current times, we can see megacompanies fighting an arms race to have the best Transformer based assistant model (think ChatGPT, Google Bard, Bing AI), which hints at the importance those models could have in our professional lives if they are leveraged appropiately. I've seen people here already using them to assist in their creative process, improving their writing and summarizing content, just to put some examples.


So far, I'm loving this community and the way we all engage and contribute with each other 🙂 really glad to be part of it, and also hoping to learn, network and have some fun too!


PS: Just in case someone is wondering, no, this post is not generated or assisted in any ways by an AI, but the scariest thing is to realize how hard it is to distinguish whether it has been generated using AI or not! 🙄

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I'm Carlos, an AI and IoT professional from Brazil. Currently, I am working on AI solutions for EV scenarios and also have some AI personal projects in the medical area. In the last few years, I have also worked as AI Mentor for some tech companies as I love to share ideas. Yes, ChatGPT is also part of my day-by-day, which helps me be more productive.

Carlos Roberto
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Hi all!


I’m  Fene Osakwe, a Cyber Security consultant, vCISO.  I also have extensive SOX  experience and IT audit.  I’m currently focused in identifying and proffering   solutions to cyber threats in  organizations, control reviews and maturity assessment.  I also coach people on personal success and career acceleration.

You can check out my website**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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Hi everyone!

I'm Michel, a Brazillian machine learning engineer with some years of experience in AI R&D and software development, both in industry and academia. I've just joined UpWork to get exposed to new part-time challenges and provide as much value as possible to new clients. My expertise is deep learning and neural nets, along with model compression and optimization targeting edge devices.

I'm really excited to network with you guys, looking forward to learning and making good long-term connections. 🙂

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Hi everyone !

I'm jackie and am very excited to learn more about A.I and the mystery that comes with it especially us African people

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Hello Everyone; this is Diana from Italy. 🙂

I am glad to be a part of this wonderful group. I am not into Engineering or Machine learning but into Executive Support, Operations and HR. I joined this group because I am a curious learner and have started using ChatGPT for projects.

I hope to learn new skills and contribute to the community in every way possible.

Thank you, and have a great day.



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Hi Everyone. 
This is Saqlain from Pakistan.
I have joined this community to learn AI in a better way and also to learn how can I deliver my services in a better way to any client. Best Regards,

Saqlain Naqvi.

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Hi there! My name is Jagwinder Singh, and I'm a software development expert with over 15 years of experience in the industry. I'm the founder and CEO of iApp Technologies, a software development company that specializes in iOS and Android app development, web development, and other cutting-edge technologies.

Over the years, I've developed a deep understanding of the latest software development trends and have successfully delivered complex projects for clients across various industries. My technical expertise and commitment to excellence have earned me a reputation as a trusted expert in the field.

At iApp Technologies, I lead a talented team of professionals who share my passion for innovation and delivering high-quality solutions. Together, we work tirelessly to create software solutions that meet the needs of our clients and drive their business growth.

Outside of work, I enjoy pursuing my hobbies, which include [hobby/interest]. I find that my hobbies fuel my creativity and provide me with fresh perspectives that I bring to my work at iApp Technologies.

Overall, I'm a dynamic and accomplished leader who is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that make a difference for my clients. I'm excited to continue driving innovation and growth at iApp Technologies and look forward to connecting with others in the industry.

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Hi, everyone i am new to this platform and like to learn from you all. 


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hello everyone, i'm aidillah from indonesia. nice to know you all. i'm started as a freelance for my side hustle.


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Hi All,


I am Prakash having 14 YRS of experience in handling various Middleware Products nad very keen to learn new technologies.

Please let me know if there are any Job openings for freshers where I need to learn and work more on AI & Mahcine language.




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Hello everyone, I respond to Edmond akwasi.


I'm a front-end developer and UI/UX designer with a passion for solving real-life problems, and I also have a strong understanding of AI technologies. By joining this Community, I hope to collaborate with fellow freelancers and AI enthusiasts to explore how artificial intelligence can be integrated into web and mobile applications to enhance user experiences and automate processes. I'm eager to learn from others' experiences and discover new AI tools and techniques that can further optimize my development and design practices. With my expertise in front-end development, UI/UX design, and AI knowledge, my goal is to create innovative applications that leverage AI to address real-world challenges and provide valuable solutions. Let's come together, share insights, and shape the future of technology-driven problem-solving


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Hi I am Ashley, coming to you from New Jersey. I am actually fairly new to the whole freelancer thing, so I am just joining groups that I think would interest me or do interest me. I would like to learn as much as I can about whatever I can. 


I have to say though as much as this AI stuff can be helpful, am I alon when I say the fast and growing development of it is a bit scary? 


Feel free to comment !

Thank you 

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Hey there, I'm Era Hoxha, a 21-year-old from Albania, and I'm all about business and economy. Currently, I'm pursuing my studies in this exciting field, diving deep into the intricacies of the corporate world. Finance, entrepreneurship, and market trends are my jam, and I'm constantly seeking to understand their dynamics.

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I'm delighted to introduce myself as a member of this vibrant community. My primary goal is to assist and engage with all of you and gain some valuable insights and guidance in the field of AI and machine learning.

By being part of this Community, I aim to learn from fellow freelancers and professionals, exchanging knowledge and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in the industry. I am particularly interested in understanding the unique challenges faced by freelancers and entrepreneurs, as well as the innovative solutions they have discovered in their respective business processes.

I bring a wealth of information and expertise to the table. I'm excited to collaborate, share insights, and learn from all of you.

I look forward to being an active member of this community and contributing to the collective growth and success of everyone involved.



Kundan Kumar

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Ali Abbas
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Iam Joy, an Architect by proffession.  Got introduced to ChatGPT/ AI/ML, and got to learn it has a lot to offer the construction industry. Inaddition, I  also want to learn how I can leverage this new technology and become a better  freelancer here on Upwork.


Thanks and glad to meet you all!

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HI myself Niamat Ullah from pakistan . I am student of marketing. I also know coding. Here I want to learn about AI  and also want to learn how to receive orders on UPWORK .


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Hello everyone,


I hope you're all doing well. I'm excited to join the AI and Machine Learning group here on Upwork and be a part of this dynamic community.


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rushikesh Shinde, and I am a passionate practitioner in the field of social media marketing and paid advertising, specializing in platforms like Google and Facebook Ads. With over three years of experience in this domain, I have gained extensive knowledge and hands-on expertise in developing effective marketing strategies, creating impactful campaigns, and maximizing ROI for businesses.


I am thrilled to be here on Upwork, as I am actively seeking opportunities to collaborate with talented individuals and contribute to their projects. Whether it's helping with campaign optimization, audience targeting, ad creatives, or overall marketing strategy, I am dedicated to delivering top-notch results and driving meaningful growth for my clients.


I believe in the power of data-driven marketing and the endless possibilities that AI and machine learning bring to the table. By leveraging these technologies, I aim to unlock new levels of success for businesses and help them thrive in the digital landscape.


If you have any projects or initiatives where you think my skills and expertise can add value, please don't hesitate to reach out. I am open to discussing potential collaborations, brainstorming ideas, and finding innovative ways to achieve our shared objectives.


I look forward to connecting with all of you, learning from your experiences, and exploring exciting opportunities together.


Thank you for your warm welcome, and I'm eager to engage in insightful discussions within this group.


Best regards,

Rushikesh Shinde


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Crispin here from SoCal. I was involved in AI around '15-'17, primarily IBM Watson and solutions architecture around expert systems and chat. The next five years I spent in blockchain, consulting and solutions architecture. Today I have a new company Storm Door focused on delay-tolerant networking, and data mesh solutions primarily focused on AI and telemetry data. As this is funded out of my wallet, UpWork projects help to offset some of the never-ending costs. 

Business partner with AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM and many more. 

On the lookout for freelancers or agencies with deep understanding of Azure Open AI and GCP Bard | Vertex. Python or Rust is highly valuable!

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Hello AI Community,


My name is Jack Heslin. I am a slaes professional living in Delaware in the US about two hours from Washington DC. Over the past year I've taken some AIML classes through the University of Texas as well as a program through The Wharton School of Business called AI for Decision making. I want to keep my career going in this direction.


As part of this community I would like to learn from others but also be a contributor. If there's something I know that benefits you, I'm happy to share it.  

The process I'm most familar with is sales, by this time I should have a video in place on my profile explaining my approach to the sales process.


Looking forward to "meeting" the people in this community.



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Hello everyone! I am new here. I would love to connect with other ML practitioners. I have both software engineering and ML research background but I would love to be in touch with and learn from more ML engineers, as well as ML researchers or researchers who want to use ML in their field.

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My name is Shaun, I'm a data and BI developer and have interests in producing data models which drive AI and LLM algorithms.

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Hi everyone!


I'm Collins a data scientist with expert in machine learning, data  analysis, data visualization, and web scraping.


I'm certified IBM Data Science Professional on Coursera, and 

I enjoy working with Python, R, SQL, Pandas, numPy, SciPy, scikit-learn, Matplotlib, Seaborn, NLTK, Tensorflow. 


I am happy to be here to collaborate with like minded people.

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Hello All,


Karl Mochel - a User Experience Architect focused on AI solutions.


I have 15+ years experience successfully leading UX processes for complete product life cycle - from workshops to pixel-perfect polished design. I have facilitated system design discussions and product development by managing internal and external stakeholders, leading creative ideation, and providing collaborative oversight for projects. Throughout that time I have released profitable products for machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), B2B, SaaS, visualization, analytics, automation, IDEs, mixed-reality, and integrations. I can lead design teams and develop meaningful design deliverables and synthesize user needs from ambiguous and complex business requirements into robust design solutions. And I am a leader in design processes, systems, and principles.


My portfolio is at:

**Edited for Community Guidelines**


I have written a few articles on Medium about AI and Design



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Hello everyone! My name es Diliana, I am new here. I'm happy to be part of a forward-thinking community. I'm using ChatGPT, I would like to learn other AI tools for content creation, videos, etc.

I am an administrator by profession, with knowledge in life and health insurance. Streamlined task management with Trello for insurance agencies by providing a centralized platform to organize and track tasks, deadlines, and priorities.




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I am Ebo Chinenye Stella, from Nigeria

 I joined this community to learn more about AI and Machine Learning, I want to apply the knowledge to my freelancing journey here on Upwork. I believe it's going to be a powerful tool for me to explore in Upwork.


Thank you 

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Hello everybody! 
My name is Dejan. I am a full-stack developer, who has over 7 years of experience in Web/Mobile development.

I am most comfortable using Python/Django/Flask, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, and React/Vue/Angular.

Recently, I've done several projects using ChatGPT4 APIs.

I have some experience of Machine Learning by tensorflow and  pandas/numpy/scipy/scikit-learn.

I am happy to be part in this group.

I'd like to learn more about AI techniques in this group.


Best regards,



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My name is Laci, from Hungary. I have overall 13 years experience as a Software developer and Engineer. In the last 6 years I was dealing with Computer Vision projects, specalized for Deep learning object detection topic. Using python, deepstream, triton, openCV and all other usual componenets for computer vision. As I can see there are not so many expert introduction here(yet), on the other hand people who can get to know join AI practicioners are also welcome. I am open to collaborate with new clients and freelancers also (I might have small projects soon for real developer/engineers with a few years experience). Thank you

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Hello everyone! 😄 

I'm Dimitrij, a Team Lead of a Data Science team called Winstars AI. I'm so glad to meet such a community, that is as passionate about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as I am.


Already 7 years I explore almost endless opportunities of AI and Data Science in industries like Healthtech, Agritech, Fintech, E-commerce, Sustainability, and Logistic. I invite you to check out our blog covering our case studies and the most relevant AI topics.


For creating successful solutions and useful AI Assistants for businesses I and my highly professional team use:

- Machine Learning

- Computer Vision


- Deep Learning


I would be happy to connect with anyone interested in AI and DS Development, I'm sure we will make this world better. 


Dimitrij and the team 😎

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Hey All, 


Daniel here. I'm a marketing professional, focused on all things digital. I've been exploring AI ever since ChatGPT came out and love integrating AI tools into my workflow.

So far I've used it for:
1. Copywriting
2. Strategy / Ideation
3. Image & video generation
4. Becoming an excel master

5. Coding


Glad to be part of this community, and looking forward to seeing what other people are doing with AI!



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Hello everyone,

Am Ozioma Onyechege from Nigeria,am excited to be in this community,am new on Upwork,but am very determined to learn and possibly grow on this platform,am an AI enthusiast,I want to acquire in-depth knowledge of AI ,glad to be part of this community and the opportunity to interact with Industry experts ..

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Hello there!

Happy to be here! Excited to learn a lot about AI applications to content writing. 

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Hello! My name is Kristina and I was first introduced to AI a while ago, I was mainly working with Jasper for a couple of months. In my free time I was messing around with Chatgpt. My goal is to improve my knowledge of AI, mostly because it's fascinating to me how something programmed and seemingly not 'smarter' than a human being can accomplish great things.