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Please Introduce Yourself!

Hello Everyone! 


This thread is here so you can introduce yourself to your fellow Community members!


You are encouraged to add some details on:

  • what you're looking to achieve with joining this Community​, 
  • what you'd love to learn from other ​freelancers, or 
  • what business processes you've got figured out!

Tell us a little bit about yourself below!

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Hi all!  I'm Stan and I'm happy to be part of a forward-thinking community, that's driven by curiosity and creation!

My experience is around 10 years in design, marketing and video production.

I'm using Midjourney, ChatGPT, other more famous ones as well.


Excited to see in action the combination of tools and specific usages for creating new value for a new world!

Happy to connect with anyone interested in AI in Design/Content Creation/Video/UI.

I'm also a community guide in the group so if there are other designers/marketeers around, we might have some topics for that niche if it seems interesting. 



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I'm excited to be part of this Community and connect with fellow freelancers. My name is Vojtech Vespalec, and I am a professional translator with a passion for language and technology. Currently, I am working with an Upwork Enterprise client, Scale AI, where I have the opportunity to contribute to exciting projects involving artificial intelligence and machine learning. It's truly fascinating to be at the intersection of language and technology!

By joining this Community, I hope to achieve several goals. Firstly, I am looking to expand my professional network and engage with freelancers from diverse backgrounds. Collaboration and learning from others have always been key drivers of growth for me. I believe that being part of this Community will provide a platform to share experiences, exchange insights, and support each other on our freelance journeys.

As a language professional with an interest in technology, I am eager to learn from fellow freelancers who have expertise in areas such as AI, data science, and automation. I believe that staying updated with the latest trends and tools is crucial for our professional development. Moreover, I am always happy to share my knowledge and experiences in the translation field, especially in utilizing technology to enhance efficiency and maintain quality standards.

Over the years, I have developed effective business processes that allow me to deliver high-quality translations and meet client expectations. However, I believe that there is always room for improvement. I am particularly interested in learning more about project management strategies, optimizing workflows, and enhancing client communication. I believe that through shared experiences and insights, we can collectively elevate our freelance businesses and achieve even greater success.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be part of this vibrant Community. I look forward to engaging in valuable discussions, connecting with inspiring freelancers, and contributing to the collective knowledge and growth.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, need advice, or simply want to connect. Let's make the most out of this Community together!

Sincerely, Vespalec.

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Hello all,
I am glad to be welcomed into the group. I have been working in data analysis, data modeling, data collection, data cleaning, as well as data visualization. Primarily, for the last 10 years, my tools have been Python, SAS, PowerBI, and SQL.
Given the new direction AI has taken the world in I have become focused on learning as much as I can about it. I have a real particular interest in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. As such, I am consuming books, articles, and tutorials at a constant rate--during my side-hustle down-time.
I hope this group can be a sounding board and/or an influence, as we enter into this next level of expansive absorption and ultimate implementation. 🙂
I look forward to it.


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Thank you. We appreciate the development.
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Thanks Medea. You are appreciated as well

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Hi All,

Myself, Amar G. I am having 10+ years of experience in the ML & AI field. Worked with companies like GE, Progress Software & Microsoft to implement & productionize end-to-end AI & ML use cases. With a strong background in machine learning, deep learning, and large language models, I have a proven track record of integrating Generative AI capabilities into products.


I am super excited to learn and contribute to this community with my experience.



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Awesome. Highly impressive background.


What are your thoughts on ChatGPT?



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First of all thank you for your time

It's me omama new in Upwork I am looking for work I am student of bs mathematics 6 semester and complete my dhms degree I can provide may service like Data entry, designing, content writing, editing and many other I would love to learn form other freelancer and leaders. 

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With immense pleasure, I step into the vibrant world of the freelance market on Upwork, bringing with me an illustrious 35-year career as a Senior Director. Throughout my professional journey, I have been a stalwart in guiding organizations towards excellence, and now, I aim to offer my expertise and skills to clients seeking unparalleled services.


Add me to your professional network.





Muhammad I.

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Hello, all!


It's a pleasure to be part of this community. 


I hope to meet and network with like-minded individuals for potential partnerships and collaborations and also learn how to make the best of Upwork. 

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Hi all

I'm Gilbert, and I'm excited to announce my choice to shift to freelancing. My past work with respectable organizations such as the Red Cross and MSF has provided me with a wealth of experience across several sectors.
By joining the Upwork AI community, I hope to widen my experiences, connect with like-minded people and organizations, and eventually help provide innovative answers to humanitarian concerns.

Happy to join you.