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What ways do you use AI to optimize your workflows?



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As I'm diggin deeper into the pandora of tools, I find AI quite useful for quick generation/inspiration for:
1. Structure of a content piece
2. Copy/script on a particular content piece
3. Marketing insights. 

Or I'd say it like this - The AI I use at the moment works for me as a marketeer, course creator and copywriter.  😄

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I use Jasper to prepare marketing research prior to my client Consultations so a combination of my skills and Jasper can give the best information for an interactive call. Many clients will ask for the marketing research and I give it to them as a bonus to the call. Basically I provide extreme customer service and value which then turns many of the Consultations into Projects.

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Hi Matthew,

I'm new at Upwork. So far I've used ChatGPT to help me write cover letters. It has given me inspiration to write my own. Cheers from Brazil.

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"Make me a program that does X".

"Tweak that program so that it also does X"

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Hi there! 

Thanks for the question, Matthew.


My team and I use AI in different ways during our workflow.

Firstly, I must admit, that we create AI solutions for our clients, that use them to perform routine tasks, identify diseases, optimize production in agriculture, improve user experience on their website, etc.


We frequently use LLMs such as Chat GPT to generate some ideas for our social media content or led generation process.


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