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Who has upgraded to the 4 chat gpt, please what is the difference from the 3.5 chat gpt

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A lot of differences. If you have the economic opportunity to paid the subscription, i will do it with out thinking. 


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ChatGPT4 has better performance, GPTs, Zaps, data analysis, OpenAI ChatGPT store, DALL-E 3, and more. I couldn't do my job without this tool since it allows me to add exceptional value to my clients. It's $20 per month.

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Hi Precious,

I upgraded to GPT 4 (also called Plus) and it has been interesting to see it evolve over the past four to five months. I have found it to be a great tool to use for both content development (biz) as well as working with data analysis samples I use in various courses.

Yes, you pay $20 a month but it has been well worth the expenditure. It now allows you to build custom GPTs for any job you do on a regular basis. That can be a big help to over-worked staff.

I would say that you should always check the results no matter what job you use it for. Over time, all AI platforms will get better and better. So far, of anything I have tried out and worked with, ChatGPT 4 is the best on the marketplace right now. 

The difference between 3.5 and 4 is the ability to attach plug-ins to GPT 4 to allow link searches and general Internet searches. I would have to test 3.5 but it is still trained up to Jan 2023? So, if you need up-to-date information, you need GPT 4. GPT4 now allows ability to attach files and 3.5 does not.

That's it for now. Tomorrow might be different! LOL!


Jennifer H.