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"Gmail creator says ChatGPT might ‘destroy’ Google within 2 years"

Thoughts? Remember, No one ever thought Yahoo! would be taken out by anyone, the same with AOL and others...

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Yes "searching" in chatGPT is a hundred times better than in Google Search (although the newest data is older than a year ago I think).


But I actually first heard about a chat AI developed by Google. Or do you recall a few months ago (before we heard about chatGPT) where a Google employee tweeted about him talking to company AI and he said it feels like talking to a "learning child". I don't believe it but I want to point out that they're developing AI earlier than chatGPT.


So  Google will come up with something to replace/improve their main product (Google Search) which is true. They're talking about it already. We just have to see the implementation. I still vote on Google because I believe they have larger resources, which means loading the AI will be faster, the database will be "fresher", etc....



I agree in general. I do also remember that Google had its eye on AI but the problem for Google is, with AI, it makes searching irrelavant and will kill their main business unit which is ADS. Yes, they can develop the platform based on AI but in return, they also kill the ADS product. This is going to be interesting. I feel that Google was caught off guard here.

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Microsoft just announced today that ChatGPT-3 will be part of various Microsoft products for $10 to $20 per month. I fully expect Microsoft to integrate ChatGPT-3 into all of their products this year especially the Microsoft 365 Suite. 


Google has been working on LaMDA and their Chrome extension. I am in Beta on many services across the NET because of my Marketing Sales background and a few days ago while I was on Upwork Google asked me if I wanted to translate a page from spanish to english. It was obviously a LaMDA Google Chrome extension in beta because I never signed up.


Expect a fierce battle of Google versus Microsoft.

The next 10 years are going to be super interesting!

Big time! It's going to directly affect every single person on this planet on how we work.

Yes. Stay ahead of the Game!

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I started using Chatgpt but I don't know whether or not it will be free to use forever.

They have been promoting the paid version : )

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I am in the legal field and there has been some rudimentary AI to fill in Complaints and other pleadings for a while now.  I have never heard of any reputable attorney (or even the other kind) using it.  I think egos come into play...

The legal space is one where I feel AI can disrupt.

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The potential impact of AI on any specific company is difficult to predict and will depend on a variety of factors, including how the technology is developed and adopted.

well said. I agree, each industy / company will be affected in a different way.

Ai is having a significant impact on marketing though. By leveraging AI, businesses can streamline marketing processes. Its impact on graphic design is still limited it can still be a useful tool for graphic designers it is unlikely to fully replace them in the near future.

I agree. I see it now more and more on PPC / Paid Marketing. SEO with the article writing components, that is another huge place we are now looking at as having a big change.

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Yesterday I tried ChatGPT. I had it write four articles on legal topics with the thought that I could use them as rough drafts for blog posts. I did find a glaring error in one of them. I think ChatGPT will turn out to be a superior research tool, much better than Google.

Yes, I do agree that this is not a "perfect tool" yet. I do think that if they keep the momentum going, this is going to be a game changer, Google has even gone in to a "Code Red".

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Chat GPT will be better tool than that of Google.


Although training data were put on Chat GPT during its development, but still it is learning from the user. So its performance will be better. OpenAI created Dall-E previous year which was AI based picture tool. As both Dall-E (picture version AI tool) and Chat GPT (text version AI tool) are invented by OpenAI, so there probably another project is on going for making combination of both of them. 


When combined AI tool will be revealed  with improved performance, by then we have to think twice which product we are going to use either Google or AI tool Chat GPT.


I think Google has started declining phrase of its 'Product Life Cycle' when Chat GPT has born.


But there is a subscription fee matters. Google is a free tool, on the other hand Chat GPT may not be a free tool in near future. Right now it is free for its marketing purpose also.

I agree in General. I think they have a few years to go before they get to Google. Google will not go without a fight. I do think that Google has some big advantages.


1. userbase

2. content / data (they have a huge amount of it)

3. infrastructure

4. people


Google can make its OWN "ChatGPT" but it would basically eliminate its ADS business which is 80% of its revenue.

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It sounds just like the rumour we heard a few years ago that robots will take over the world. 

That 'Rumor" is starting to happen. Check the latest robot from Boston Dynamics

I assume you are talking about humanoid robot. It definitely beats humans in several metrics like speed, precision etc. However, we cant neglect the fact that robots are programmed on finite if else conditions which are infinite in real world. But humanoid robots are fasinating 👍

I agree Unus

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Dear Sameer

I hope you didnot throw away your's 2G mobile phones, by using updated 4G Smart phones. Similarly, Google is updated to Chat GPT.

Users options has increased, simply.


R Roy

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While AI tools like ChatGPT have a limited impact on design right now, I think it is only a matter of time before design and development processes are affected. This will especially be true when other companies besides the tech giants like Microsoft and Google begin developing their own ChatGPT clones. Those large, public companies like Microsoft, IBM, Google, etc. have reputations to protect, so they will not use the technology to do harm. (At least we hope not.)

But what happens when a learning application like ChatGPT is applied to 3D printing or additive manufacturing? Using the right polymers, plastics, stainless steel, etc., a ChatGPT-driven printer could print some disturbing items (i.e., weapons, etc.)

I'm a tech weenie, so I love the technology. But 10 years from now, we can probably expect robot technology, AI, human/machine learning, human/machine data integration, and apps like ChatGPT to be used for some troubling things. (Think about a smart robot (Ultron) learning to develop an android (Vision)).

We are in trouble! 😆

Hey Clark,


Great reply, I am also a tech junkie and I find the whole AI space super interesting. I do also hope that tech is always used for good, to help us make life better rathern than make it wose. I hope for the best.

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Well, Microsoft recently announced the new AI version of Bing, in concert with OpenAI. Google then immediately announced the launch of its own R&D program to catch up.

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So, I signed up for the new Bing and I am now on the wait list. Microsoft is touting this as "the future of search," so we will see. I want to test it and see just how great it is.


I think the implementation of an improved search will attract more users to Bing--especially knowing a tool like ChapGPT is a part of the engine.

I agree, we will see how good those results will be. Can this be the big break / chance for Bing, we will see : )

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Have you viewed the new Microsoft Copilot software that is ChatGPT-4 integrated into the Microsoft Suite of products?


ChatGPT-5 which could be out within a year will absolutely be smarter than 99% of all people due to the integration of text, images, video and audio. It will contain Trillions of Tokens.


Hopefully the freelancers will start SkillingUp and moving to in-demand skills. Within a few years, 90%+ of the freelancers current skills will not be required or desired by clients.

There are also talks of a legislative prohibition on further AI research until regulations can be developed.



It's highly unlikely that the governments around the world will be able to keep up with the AI changes. I have to spend a few hours a day studying to keep up and it's getting more and more difficult.


I am an AI, machine learning, quantum computing, nanatechnology, technology, etc. commentator by invitation only to a few Experts on LinkedIn which is why I am usually up-to-date on these topics.


I can state unequivocally that humankind isn't ready for the MASS unemployment that will be coming. Goldman Sachs estimates 300 million people will lose their job, however the consulting firms state 800 million people will lose their jobs due to AI. I agree more with the high end.


Read what McDonalds did to their corporate employees last week.

Quantum computing, huh? How long before the exorbitant costs of creating a quantum computer with a stable environment and firmware/software that is designed to utilize multi-state bits are outweighed by the cost-savings from its speed?

Not long which is scary with the combination of singularity.

I am all over it, adapt or....



I watched one futurist today that stated that most people will be freelancers or small teams of freelancers that will perform one day to a few week long projects. 


It's exactly how I have been using Upwork for the past six months. One hour Consultations lead to two to three week Projects. Simple and straightforward. Most of my Consultations have an AI component which continues into the Projects. Clients are starting to view my services as Business Strategy and Consulting along with the Marketing Sales.


Chat Agents are going to turn business upside down on its head. Most jobs on Upwork can be programmed away with a day's worth of prompt engineering into chat agents.

That is a very interesting strategy. I do agree that its going to turn more in to "strategy" and "technology know-how" rather than just "work", "work" and "work". That is where things are headed, those who are ahead of the curve (you) will benifit heavily.

The next few years are going to be interesting...

Its happening.... I agree with all you said William. The gap is going to get bigger and bigger!


If you know, you know, if you don't, you don't.

This one is super interesting for sure. We do have to have some kind of legislation but not to much where it will squash innovation. We also have to see who is behind this legislation, ehm, ehm...