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Get job profile issues

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Get job profile issues

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Hello. Can you explain something to me, please?

We have this job: ~0149c18073d11dd2e1

Activity on this Job

Proposals:10 to 15

Last Viewed by Client: 13 days ago

Interviewing: 12

Invites Sent: 73

Unanswered Invites: 7

I am using Get job profile method. It returns:

"op_tot_cand": "103" - Total number of candidates

"interviewees_total_active": "37"     in API doc I don't see this parameter, I only see this:
op_tot_intv - Total active interviewees. this is same?

What is the logic of parameter on upwork job posting page?
103 total candidates = 73(Invites Sent) + 12(Interviewing) + 7(Unanswered Invites)+ 11(Proposals) ?

Why is Unanswered Invites not a part of Invites Sent? 

Candidates return the list of 50 profile links. It looks like you have limitation to 50 items, right?
If yes what this 50 items included? I mean Proposals profiles first, then invites sent etc? Can you explain, please?

On the other hand, we have this job: ~0100a566419c096c5c

Activity on this Job

Proposals:20 to 50

Last Viewed by Client: 16 days ago

Interviewing: 13

Invites Sent: 25

Unanswered Invites: 6

Get job profile returns:

"interviewees_total_active": "13" this is looks ok, this parameter is equale to Interviewing

"op_tot_cand": "41" 

op_tot_cand = 41 this value is exact value of Proposals:20 to 50
because it''s can't be the same as in revious example, like:
41 total canditates = 25(Invites Sent) + 13(Interviewing) + 6(Unanswered Invites)+ ?(Proposals) ? 


All I want to know is 3 parameters: 
- amount of proposals sent by freelancers for the specific job posting
- amount of invites that client sent to freelancers
- amount of interviewing freelancers on this job

Thank you.

Active Member
7 Posts
Member Since: ‎04-26-2016

Re: Get job profile issues

Hello, guys.
Let me know if you have any news for me?