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Re: First Job Offer

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MADAN K Member Since: Jun 12, 2016
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Dear All,


I was really upset till yesterday because of not any job offer. But today I have one job offer and they are asking to start work now. Its my first job and job is for data entry and payment is also good per 1000 entries. But the payment method they are paying by  PayPal / MoneyBookers / / / Payza / Payoneer MasterCard / perfectmoney / webmoney / western union. I want to pay it by Upwork as its my first job I don’t want to start wrongly.


So please suggest me is it authentic job? What I can do now?


Best Regards,


Community Leader
Shan M Member Since: Jun 12, 2015
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You're on the right way. You're new . . maybe you're being scammed. Never accept a payment source outside the Upwork. Tell your Client to pay through Upwork. This is the most safest way to earn using Upwork.


Hope this helps.




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MADAN K Member Since: Jun 12, 2016
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Thanks Shan,


Really I was confused, what to do now. Its mixed feeling to me due to its my first job. Hope they will accept Upwork payment method.  




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Claudette C Member Since: Jun 24, 2016
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It might be a scam. 


I was offered a job for an international company ** Edited**  for which they were hiring here in the USA.


I did a Google Hangout “interview” where they hired me after a few questions, offering me generous benefits and a cash advance to pay for my “mini home office”


They just sent me a large check for $2934.67 which they are requesting that I do a mobile deposit (which I won’t). 


The phone number being used to contact me is** Edited**


Unfortunately, it's not real. I suggest to report them to the FBI. I did. I also called my bank to let them know about this scam so they can tell their employees to look for unusual checks being cashed via mobile devices (or electronic transfers)


Sorry that this is not a real job for you. Hopefully, the next one will be legitiment.


Good luck. 

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MADAN K Member Since: Jun 12, 2016
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Thanks Claudette to sharing your experience as I am new and I don’t have an idea such type of incident. Its so helpful. Now I just want to take the decision carefully.