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Re: Getting Admin Support job

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Saiful I Member Since: Aug 22, 2015
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How can I get Admin Support job at Upwork?

Mainly I want customer support or assistance job.



~ Saiful, Upwork Freelancer
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James H Member Since: Sep 25, 2015
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when you find out, let me know. I'm 0 for the durationSmiley Mad

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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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May I suggest you get rid of data entry completely. You can mention it somewhere, but focus on the accounting. Change your Job Title to Peachtree specialist or Accounting Specialist. 


From your previous jobs you have office skills, If you want to deversify put in Administrative Assistant, and put a list of the skills that are in your previous jobs. The first top part of your profile is all a client sees when they are looking at freelancers profiles. Make sure to highlight your best skills.

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mehedi h Member Since: Oct 18, 2015
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How can startup
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James M Member Since: May 2, 2016
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How can I get more work? Although I am trying and trying but I am not getting more work.