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How can i easily get a client?And how much is the minimum rate for a admin.assistant?

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joanna marie d Member Since: Jun 4, 2015
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How can i easily get a client?And how much is the minimum rate for a admin.assistant?
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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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Write a dynamic cover letter when bidding on jobs and make sure you have a great profile. You would have to research the minium rate for an admin assistant. I don't know what skills you have as you have your profile set to private.

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Nikhil D Member Since: May 28, 2015
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Hi Joanna,


Welcome to the community! To begin with, getting an online job/ client is no different from a desk job; in fact I would go to such an extent to say that its even more difficult as your potential employer cannot meet you physically and is unable to judge you through your body language (I read somewhere that 40-50% of what we say, is actually communicated through gestures and our confidence). 


However, having said that its not all gloom and doom. When you are just setting up your shop, try to follow these basic rules:


1. Create a unique profile. While writing your overview, do not copy paste or make it sound too mechanical. If you know what is your USP, go all out to describe it and how it will impact/ profit an employer. Share your thoughts about the field and what you do to make it better.


2. Make sure that the profile is complete. 


3. Use your tokens judiciously. From a pool of prospective jobs, zero in to a select few that you think are more likely to hire you.


4. Don't be lazy when answering question or compiling a cover letter for the said job. A generic letter or answer is never going to help matters. Make sure that your answers as well as the cover letter are relevant to the job. 


5. Rate yourself on your abilities and then decide your freelancer fees. However, sometimes it helps to be practical and gauge the average fees charged by other new freelancers, having comparable skill set.


I hope the above helps you and takes you on a path to well deserved success. Best of Luck Smiley Happy

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Aalja B Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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Everyone has left you great ideas and feedback.  I would also try to offer something addtional that no one else is doing. 

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Raja A Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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Hi Joanna,


- When you apply for a job. Don't copy paste your cover letter. Make unique cover letter for each job according to the job requirements. 


- Cover letter should be short and to the point. 


- Minimum rate for admin.assistant is $3/hour. (For Asian freelancers)




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Eiriz Kimberley R Member Since: Jun 23, 2015
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Hi Joanna,


I won't say there is an easy way (and there is no one surefire way) to get a client. I have been working via Upwork for 7 years and what worked for me are:


  • Writing a cover letter that talks to the client, not one that is copy-pasted and sent to all job postings.
  • Backing up my cover letter with proof of my educational background, seminars taken, and experience related to the job posting.
  • I often attach samples or a portfolio that's related to the job.

Happy job hunting!