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How to improve my profile to attract more clients?

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Arvin Kent L Member Since: Jun 23, 2015
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Hello Fellow Upwork Freelancers,


I was wonderfing if how can I improve my profile so that I can attract more clients. I tried already the tips given by Upwork team and I have positive feedback regarding administrative works but unfortunately I am still not being hired in any jobs or projects and I am really afraid that my connects will reduced to 0 again. This is will be the 2nd month that I didn't get any work and I am still hoping to get new work. 


Thank you for those who can give me suggestions.


Kind Regards,


~ Arvin Kent

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Vigen A Member Since: Aug 27, 2010
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I replied in your other post. frankly speaking it'd be best if you don't create multiple threads at once.


Anywhoo, I'd suggest to first look into your applicatoins. I see English is not your native language but it'd be good to at least write without any major mistakes such as using 'is' and 'will' together. These things can set off clients, myself included. The person might not be fluent in English, no worries, but I'd rather have very basic sentences with proper grammar than elaborate sentences with all sorts of mistakes. Gives the vibe that "if he can't see the mistakes he does during communication, how do I know if he'll notice any mistakes during work". 

just a friendly advice