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Regarding CSPro

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Kamrun N Member Since: Apr 30, 2015
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How a Person can get CSpro for any job.


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Veronica M Member Since: May 21, 2015
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I asked that same question to the helpdesk and they replied saying that CS Pros is an Upwork Group and they told me that you cand find it and join the group on the resources page, the problem is that I cannot find such page... not very helpful really.

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Shahzad A Member Since: Feb 25, 2015
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Understand the post of Linda.

Linda L Employee Member Since: Feb 11, 2015
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Hi everyone,


The Pro Customer Service program is an invite-only program for experienced Customer Service professionals. Group members were invited based on their work experience in Customer Service or Technical Support and have passed a vetting process that includes a profile evaluation, assessments, and behavioral interview.


Currently, we're sending out invitations in batches and are looking to gradually expand the number of invited freelancers to the program. This means that qualified freelancers may receive an invitation at different time periods.


You can get more details about the Pro Customer Service group on our help page here.




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Gulzar A Member Since: May 26, 2015
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Thank you Linda.

Loving remote work......
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Crystal G Member Since: Jun 25, 2015
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Thank you Linda, that helps a lot!

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Lauren F Member Since: Jun 6, 2016
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That link doesn't go anywhere.  Is there a new link to be able to join this group?

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Lauren,


Sorry about that. We fixed the link.

~ Valeria
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Sussie D Member Since: Aug 26, 2016
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I would actually like to joint this group. I was using Upworks when it was Odesk over 6 years ago. I found my job on here. I worked there for 6 1/2 years. All I did was CS and I was good at it. Unfortunately, due to a take over at the business, I am back to looking for work again.