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cover letter

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Raymond D Member Since: Mar 6, 2017
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Sometimes, I found the client's name in their feedbacks but if none I still used "Hiring Manager" just to address them properly.

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Bashir A Member Since: Feb 21, 2017
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you can look at clients feedback to know the name.

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Mazhar H Member Since: Nov 20, 2017
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The better approach is to view the client's job history. There sometimes you can find the name of the client.
For example when freelancer ends the contract he will give the feedback like this "Thanks Jhon, Nice to work with you."
I can moslty find the name of clients by viewing the job history.

You can start your cover letter by just "Hello" and then write the proposal if you don't know the client's name and gender. "Dear Client" is also good to use for the client who are new at upwork and don't have any job history.

It always works for me. I can almost get 7 jobs out of 10 by using this method.

May this helps you.



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Iris W Member Since: Oct 3, 2018
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I was referring to non freelancer jobs outsie upwork.. I thought this is what the question was about..Many Frfeelancers are still oooking for a good job in their are of experetise.


 But your are exactly right. Skills fit is important. I have often chosen first timers based on the fact that they actually read my advertisement and addressed it the best thy could. I bypass anyone who says I have the skills you require and do not tell me what they are. 


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Sufwan M Member Since: Dec 22, 2018
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its possible to know the name of client before applying to any job, just view in full page job posting and then check his/her reviews to freelancer and freelancer gives also review about client and their response so they call client by their name in the review. i hope it will help you in your nect job proposals.

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Md Ibbrahim H Member Since: Sep 4, 2015
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Hi , thanks . I learn it .

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Anna K Member Since: Dec 29, 2016
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I usually search for previous feedback to the client. In most cases freelancers mention the client's name (first at least) in their comments (like "Anna was a this and that client") and that is my way of sourcing the recipient. When no results are returned, I stick with "To whom it may concern" which is quite more formal than "Dear Sir/Madam" but I like it better. 

Just my 2 cents

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Wesley S Member Since: Jan 22, 2012
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I alway use "Dear Hiring Manager" and I've never had any issues. 



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Iris W Member Since: Oct 3, 2018
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That is fine. Did you get an interview?  A good cover letter has many components including your skills match,  what they are asking for.   If people don't give their company or name there is little you can do about it.

good luck

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Jerry A Member Since: Mar 6, 2017
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Creating better freelancer

By: Jerry Alden 



 Md Ibbrahim H,


         This example of a cover letter was great read. For three days I have been thinking on how I can type and write a more effective cover letter. Now I have three bullets from your post, so thank you for your skills and I will remember you when I become successful in the freelancing business.