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Re: how to get clients interested into your skills

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Muzamil N Member Since: Jun 6, 2016
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hello ,i am new to upwork and i thiink i am new to the online earning.i am a student and i want to earn almost 250 dollars monthly so experts kindly guide me completely that how can i do that 

so i may lessen the burden of my parents as that i am from a poor family

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Husnain R Member Since: Dec 22, 2014
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you are starting on the wrong foot.


$250 a month is peanuts


correct your track.


you do not make clients interested in your skills. 

>>find the most demanding skills on upwork that you have,

craft your profile and cover letter to give confidence to clients


this stupid parent helping melow drama does not work in online working. get a life.


where is Ali Pur BTW?

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Danyal A Member Since: Jul 7, 2016
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hey dear Husnain, will you please elabprate a little bit about Cover letter, i have joined during the last days of june, i have earned $30 so far but i am struggling in getting job, i know its starting so i have to struggle but a little help would be much appreciated.

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Husnain R Member Since: Dec 22, 2014
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I looked at your portfolio, I have been Creative Head in Advertising agency, so take my advice serious


you have what it takes about 90% all you need is 10% 


your designs show that you are amature, your type face (fonts) selection is not good and there is not much to look at in your portfolio.


copy(re-produce) designs of big brands, it will give you sense of spacing and colors and fonts 


you can still get jobs on upwork, there are people on a budget,


those who needs somebody with patience to listen to their dreams and make them happen (where quality is secondary). 


are you getting my point?

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Shah Member Since: Oct 4, 2015
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Hi Muzamil,


As per my experience and read from various blogs following are the key points to get client interested in your proposal,


- Complete profile with relevant Tests

- Higher scoring in tests will drive you to Rising Talent program.

- Decent Photograph

- Don't write generic proposal let them be specific to requirement

- Suggest approach to assignment from first writing itself.

- Address client with his name (Can be known from previous feedback)

- Update profile regularly it will take you up in search ranking

- Don't loose patience and keep trying (Most imp being new freelancer). first month may go blank.

- Initially take proposals which others will not like to take because of lower pay or complexity

- Respond quickly through mobile app


Hope this will help. Thanks.



K Shah.


Happy Freelancing !!