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Nelson N Member Since: Apr 3, 2017
Dreams and nightmares are some times true facts of the passed of future illusions that dramatically, horrifically or emotionally draw to your mind before those events actually happen. if I can say, its so obvious that when you eventually happen to dream, In most cases you do not recall what you had through your sleep after you have woken up, its some time later that you realise, most events are not new in your mind, and you will kinda ask yourself "have I ever done this before?",
In Africa for instance, Uganda in particular, dreams are looked at as a means of foretelling the future and its highly believed that what ever you see yourself doing in your dreams is actually what you will be in future, This entices most of the youth and children to pray every night they go to bed, well it might look a great lie, but who knows what they are? I must say they are illusions too.. whenever some one gets a dream, he/she will find some one to share it with, but of course that was done many years ago, today we don't expect anything from mares or dreams, we do think they are a result of stress, unsettled lifestyle, severe conditions, happiness or emotions, and we forget that our late ancestors really believed in them and they went ahead to get dream interpreters or readers, that was their strength in marking when it will rain or shine most.
Should we think this generation has changed so critical and differs more fr the passed generations? personally I see this an enormous lie, fine many technological achievements have been at hand, cancer treating machine, robotic materials and so fourth, but a question is one, HAVE WE STOPPED DREAMING?, it we still do just like in the passed generations?

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Ramon B Member Since: Jan 11, 2015

Economic collapse based on deferred debt was always on the cards, and if you add to that the incipient ecological disaster and unsustainable population rises, we're probably going to be chasing each over around in deserts in muscle cars over the limited water and oil that remains. Malthus was right.