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Nigerian Freelancers

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Charles U Member Since: Sep 27, 2016

good day mr oreofe my account is suspended for some time now and i have write to support team at upwork they said that there decision is final that my account will remain on suspension. Do u have any idea on what i should do to reinstate my account. please i will appreciate any help you give me . My email is (

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Ifediba N Member Since: Jul 18, 2017
Please has any Nigerian freelancer taken Danny Marguiles Secrets of a Six Figure Upworker Class?
Most of the reviews are from whites and I need a more rounded view before spending my money
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Femi O Member Since: May 2, 2019
Hi Oreofe,

I'm new on the platform and my freelancer application was rejected. I initially submitted my profile for review before uploading portfolio materials. After the rejection, I gathered from their feedback email that I needed to do that. Again, my profile was rejected saying they couldn't give any more reasons at this point. Could you help me understand what I'm missing and if there's a chance I can get my freelancer profile approved. Please look through my profile and portfolio and advise.

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Tonia I Member Since: Nov 16, 2016

Hello Akin,


I can understand with you on the challenges you are facing but I still refuse to tie it down to my nationality. Perhaps because I am open-minded. In any race, tenacity is key. 


I have joined upwork since November 2016 and I have not been given one project (job). As a matter of fact, about 80% of my applications were declined by the clients. As per all interview invites where I was contacted directly to accept interview invites, 100% of all the clients declined without notice or reason. They simply kept silent. But that does not stop me. 


It would be a good idea to connect with the community discuss your challenges and still keep doing what you do. Perhaps there are areas where you require improvement. My profile has long been approved. Yet I still have challenges getting the first job in upwork. Let us continue while keeping an open mind.


I hope this helps.


Tonia Imasuen

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michael o Member Since: Mar 16, 2017

Hi everyone


am new to this platform. i need help on how to go about W-8BEN tax as a Nigerian

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014

Hi michael,


Please enter your full name and other required details in the form in order to enable withdrawals on your Upwork account.

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michael o Member Since: Mar 16, 2017

Thanks Vladimir,


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Femi O Member Since: May 2, 2019
Hi Vladmir,

I've been having difficulties with getting my profile approved here on Upwork despite having a 100% profile completeness. I've even taken the Upwork readiness test along with other test to prove my skills. Could you kindly review my profile and advise on what could be wrong or what I could change. Thanks
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Akinbode A Member Since: Nov 1, 2016

Hi Michael,


Kindly fill the form accordingly with your


- Legal Name (usually the name on any of your government issued identification, maybe Birth certificate, Drivers License, PVC or International Passport).


- Residential Address (just as you write it)


- Federal Tax Classification should be Non-US. This is because you are not a US resident.



I hope this helps. Happy Freelancing.


Best Regards,

Akinbode A.

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Bukola O Member Since: Dec 23, 2016

I agree with Tonia. It's not easy being Nigerian here thanks to our scam artist brothers in Lagos and Owerri. It hard to convince clients of your skills and integrity. The best you can do is land the interview and ace it. Write a killer proposal. Try to be among the first five to submit. It helps.