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Re: Nigerian Freelancers

Frequent Visitor
Femi O Member Since: May 2, 2019
Hi Vladmir,

I've been having difficulties with getting my profile approved here on Upwork despite having a 100% profile completeness. I've even taken the Upwork readiness test along with other test to prove my skills. Could you kindly review my profile and advise on what could be wrong or what I could change. Thanks
Ace Contributor
Akinbode A Member Since: Nov 1, 2016

Hi Michael,


Kindly fill the form accordingly with your


- Legal Name (usually the name on any of your government issued identification, maybe Birth certificate, Drivers License, PVC or International Passport).


- Residential Address (just as you write it)


- Federal Tax Classification should be Non-US. This is because you are not a US resident.



I hope this helps. Happy Freelancing.


Best Regards,

Akinbode A.

Ace Contributor
Bukola O Member Since: Dec 23, 2016

I agree with Tonia. It's not easy being Nigerian here thanks to our scam artist brothers in Lagos and Owerri. It hard to convince clients of your skills and integrity. The best you can do is land the interview and ace it. Write a killer proposal. Try to be among the first five to submit. It helps. 

Active Member
michael o Member Since: Mar 16, 2017

Thanks Akinbode A,

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Tari E Member Since: Aug 17, 2018
Hi, Akinbode

Please help! I currently do not have a government issued ID asides my LGA and birth certificates. And I would like to change my name from the short form Tari to the full form of my name - Itari. I am also worried about being mandated to provide an ID sometime soon and receiving the penalty for not having any.

I only recently started the registration for my PVC and national ID, and we all know how long the process takes here in Nigeria! So my question is, are temporary national IDs and voters cards are acceptable? And if not, what about birth certificates.

Thank you for taking out the time to read this
Community Guru
Oreofe J Member Since: May 8, 2015
Hi Itari,

Here are my 2 kobos (cents).
1. Temp ids are not allowed on UW
2. You can look at these options: National ID, Drivers License, International Passport, PVC.
3. The International Passport seems to be the fastest option if you are in a big rush and don't mind the cost.
4. If your preference is Itari ( not Tari), you need to let the agency in charge of your ID know during the data capture stage else you might have to go through the tedious process of signing affidavits, newspaper publication for name change etc.
5. Finally, a birth certificate would not make the cut as a means of valid ID.

Best of luck.
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Tari E Member Since: Aug 17, 2018
Thank you for replying! But just to be clear, are you saying that I can go
on and certify my account with my birth certificate (and of course, a
utility bill)? Because that would be great news for me.
Community Guru
Oreofe J Member Since: May 8, 2015
No Itari, the birth cert won't come in useful in this verification scenario. A government issued id (not the temporary ones) is suitable and applicable. Like I mentioned, the Int'l passport usually has the fastest turnaround time.
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Okeowo A Member Since: Apr 6, 2017

I joined since when it was Odesk but never took it serious as I have a fulltime job, but I realized I wasn't getting jobs till i discovered my profile was on private, to be sincerce I haven't really had much issues, I've only gotten 1 Client after setting my profile to public, because of fulltime job i tend to take few works from Upwork but i haven't experienced being rejected because of my nationaility. In my proposals (Programming) I often explain what they need and sometimes let them know how to go about it incase am not taken or a better solution, the client I worked with said that was what led him to pick me, as other were busy bidding i simply explained how to go about it and a better option.


Hope this helps, and no my earnings are not much Smiley Very Happy 

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Solomon C Member Since: May 3, 2017

Please, I have been trying to setup my payment method. The challenge I am have is that the swift code I received from my bank is 9digit code but up work requires 8digits.

Please how do I go about this because the two banks I am using gave me 9digits respectively.

Thanks in advance.