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best way to receive my fees in Egypt

Ace Contributor
Peter B Member Since: Aug 11, 2016

Hello Sara,


Actually i didn't start sending my fees via skrill yet; i am collecting some amount to minize the expanses of the transaction and also to open a dollar bank account first.


But to answer your question; No, i don't think that skrill exchange Dollars for Pounds as it is actually a service that you choose and be charged for. 


I hope that i could have helped you.

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Mina M Member Since: Nov 5, 2016
Hi Peter, so you have decided to go with payoneer and do transfers to your USD account in Egypt?
Ace Contributor
Peter B Member Since: Aug 11, 2016

Finally after a lot of research and a lot of trials through various methods; i can confirm that the Best way to receive payments in Egypt is the international wire tranfer; These are the steps that i followed:


- Search a bank with low fees charged to you; Like the National Bank of Egypt.

- Open an account in USD; that requires that you have 200$ in cash to open the account with and a Valid ID.

- After opening the account make sure to get the Bank Swift code and your bank account number before you leave the bank.

- You could also subscribe for the bank online service to be able to check your account details and transfers made to your account; while you are in the bank also.

- Make sure that your name on your bank account matchs your name on Upwork; if not request a name change from Upwork; and be prepared with their requested documents.

- You should save up on Upwork before you make the transfer to your bank account to minimize fees impact of your transfer.


here is the conclusion of my experience:

- The transfer were complete in only one day!

- With over 1000$ transfered the fees i was charged with was only 34$ !; That is including the 30$ Upwork transfer fee. which means that the intermediate banks only took 4$!.


I hope my experience could help you with your tranfers as well; Have a successfull careers fellow freelancers!

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Khaled S Member Since: Dec 6, 2018

Mr Peter,
I asked the customer service of NBE and they confirmed that this can work for 1 to 3 transfers later they will stop receiving any transfers until you supply documents , Company Commercial Regaister and open new bank account for the company.

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Islam W Member Since: Dec 25, 2018

Hi Peter,

Kindly I would like to confirm from you after 2 years of this comment, is this still the best way to withdraw my money?

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Peter B Member Since: Aug 11, 2016

I don't know if there was an update regarding the regulations of opening the account or not. But so far so good for me.


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Islam A Member Since: Sep 14, 2019

Thanks a lot, Dear Peeter B for sharing your helpful experience, it's very important for me.

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Shahir M Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
Hi guys, I've tried to use PayPal and I failed as the message I got is that my PayPal zero country, and when I contacted PayPal team we found that PayPal is supported in Egypt through a small providers as they stated in their support website
So if we managed to ask UpWork to use one of the ways provided in the URL we can manage to have our funds paid to PayPal smoothly.
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Omar E Member Since: May 13, 2017

Kindly can you clarify the error happening with Paypal for Egypt, I've made a Paypal account, verified it, added a mastercard, and about to transfer my money to it, so where exactly the obstacle happens please?

Ace Contributor
Peter B Member Since: Aug 11, 2016

Hello Omar,


Sorry for the late reply.


I wasn't able to use Paypal for the following reasons:

- I must have had a credit card (not a debit card) active for over a year (country restrictions noy Paypal's); which i didn't.

- After transferring your earnings; you will have to wait a month.

- I wasn't sure if i could get my money in US dollars or just in EGP.

- when i calculated the fees; i found out that at a certain amount of earnings transferred. Paypal wasn't the most saving option; as it is calculated as a percentage and not a fixed amount.

- Also, I think that only one kind of credit cards were accepting transferring earnings to through paypal. (mastercard or visa; i am not sure)


Finally, I strongly recommed that you transfer a small amount first as a trial and see how everything will go. Losing an extra 2 dollar is much better than losing hundreds of dollars in failed transactions. 


Hope i could have helped.