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Access Denied

Hello Everyone, 

I am facing a serious issue past 3 days. I am unable to send a proposal through Agency,

Access denied, the job is private and can only be viewed by admitted Freelancers. 

After this luckily the error msg was removed for a short time then I got this:

There was an error loading this page: error [6b7e265b78a85dc2-SEA, 6b7e265b78a85dc2-SEA]. Contact Upwork Support for more information.


Please help me, it's frustrating. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ali,


I checked and it looks like our team is waiting for your reply in order to assist you with this. Please refer to your support ticket here.


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Here is my issue: Your access to Upwork has been restricted. Find out more.


I normally use upwork to request payment from clients on contracts we have closed. But now am trying to send the direct contracts and am getting that error. What could be the issue? Thanks

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