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Advantages of Being Upwork Agency

Hi there:

Can someone please list the advatages of being an Upwork agency. All I see is that you and your agency mates can bid on jobs as one entity?  However the performance leads back to the agency owner regardless.  If that's the case why not do my own submissions. Am I missing something?

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Hi Yousaf,


Typically, agencies are teams of professionals that already know each other and work together outside of Upwork. When such companies bring their business on Upwork and would like to use the platform for work, they can add their team members to their Upwork agency.


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The one issue I have with agency: The agency JSS effects my JSS (as Upwork agency founder/owner). Is that right?

Hi Yousaf,


If a freelancer or agency owner is exclusive to an agency, the agency's JSS will be shown on the profile rather than an individual rating. 

If you are an exclusive agency member with enough contracts to qualify for a JSS, the Agency JSS is listed on your profile.


If you are a non-exclusive agency member with enough contracts to qualify for a JSS, your Freelancer JSS is listed on your profile and is calculated based on contracts you completed both independently and as part of the agency.


You can learn more in this help article.

~ AJ

THANK YOU for responding, so its only when its non-exclusive that the agency JSS affects my profile JSS.  However if I am exclusive the agency has no effect on my profile JSS or vice versa, yes?

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