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I want to create an agency, the purpose is to submit targeted proposals on behalf of my profile. I have a few questions:


Can the agency business Manager send proposals on behalf of the owner profile as a freelancer? (there are two options appear "as an agency member" and "as a freelancer"

If, yes, whose profile, JSS and batch will be displayed to the client?



**Edited to add information**


Hi Muzaffar,


Thank you for reaching out to us. As a business manager, you have the permission to send proposals on behalf of the agency members. You also get to choose whose profile will be displayed, however, the option to submit a proposal as an agency member or as a freelancer is only applicable to your own profile as you can't do this with the other agency members. 


Please also know that there are two types of agency members, exclusive and non-exclusive. To learn more, kindly check this help article.

~ AJ
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