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Agency - Forming a team for a company


This is related to Request #29089684. Can anybody confirm if we are not allowed to form a team (agency in this case) for a company? 


Background: I work for a company that is looking to setup a team in Manila. I created an agency profile and client profile (on behalf of the manager) and proceeded to hire the said agency profile. Upwork Trust & Safety quoted Section 1.4 of the Terms of Service but can't seem to find any information or statements stating that it is not allowed.



RJ Leveriza


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Hi Regis Josef,


Freelancers can created agencies on Upwork and work with other freelancers offering their services as a team. However, what's not allowed is sharing of account log in information and logging into other people's account. A freelancer can only be logging into their own account but they could be given permissions to manage an agency or a client account. 


Please, communicate with the team via the support ticket you have open and they'll be assisting you directly with your specific situation as we can't share the details here in the Community. 

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria,


Thanks for your response. Are you be able to follow up with the Trust and Safety team? I already called Upwork customer support earlier today but they are not able to assist with the issue. I also haven't heard back from the team after leaving a few more responses.



Hi Regis,


Rest assured, our team will assist you further on your ticket as soon as possible. Thank you.

~ Goran
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