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Agency Job Success Score

Hello! I would like to ask how to increase my agency's job success score, besides making sure that there is activity on the current jobs and managing the feedback. Maybe it is better to ask clients to leave feedback in the middle of a project or there is a possibility to or pass some tests, for example? Please let me know, thanks.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Timur,


While we can't disclose the specifics on the score, here are some tips that you can consider to help prevent it in the future:

  • Set yourself up for success by only submitting proposals and accepting offers when you are confident that you have the skills, experience and availability to deliver great work.
  • Deliver great work and communicate early and frequently with your clients to make sure your work is aligned with your client's expectations.
  • Close a contract right away if you and a client decide not to work together or a client is unresponsive.
  • Ask clients to close the contract as soon as possible if the work on the project is done.
  • Maintain your longer-term relationships with clients over one or multiple contracts.
  • Ask clients to close contracts that have been open for several months, which will prompt them to leave feedback.
  • You can read more tips about improving your score in the Hiring Headquarters. This blog post also has additional info about the calculations.

Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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I have completed 6 jobs with 100%score

But 1 client gave me 1 star

Total jobs- 7


Total stars - 7*5

Total 5 stars rate- 6*5


Percentage should be (31/35)*100 = 88%

Why it is showing 79%?



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