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Agency Networking

We're thrilled you are here! We understand that many of you are not just looking for answers to your agency-related questions but are also hoping to network and meet potential team members and collaborators.


We're delighted to announce that we’ve created a space for you to do just that! So, let's get started and make valuable connections that could lead to amazing team members and partnerships.


Here are a few rules to go over:


How to get started: If you're a freelancer looking to join an agency or an agency owner searching for new members to add to your team, feel free to comment below! 


Best practices on connecting: We encourage you to engage with other members by responding to their comments, checking out their public profiles and portfolios, and even communicating with them via private messages if you're both interested.


What to avoid: To keep things professional, we kindly ask that you don't share any contact information in the thread or post any job listings. This thread is solely for making connections and expressing your interest in joining or building a team.


We hope you find this thread helpful and that it leads to fantastic collaborations and partnerships!

~ Valeria
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I am willing to join international agency 


**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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I want to join an agency

Hey, I am business manager of a startup agency for web and mobile app development. If you want to become a memberof our team then kindly get in touch with me.

Hi, I'm AG a freelance Graphic Designer with 7 years of field experience working mostly with huge Marketing firms as their head creative designer, I'm looking to join an Agency which can provide me with a full-time workload (40hr/week) with a rate (20-25/hr) depends on the agency level, the reason I want to join an agency is for two reasons, mentorship, and workload as I'm not getting enough as an individual freelancer so thought joining the team will do the job (please have a look at my profile).

My qualifications :

1 - 94%JSS, Top Rated (4 years in a row), 60 projects, 1k hours

2 - Speclize in Social Media Graphics And UI/UX Designs, But done all sorts of creative design projects you can imagine.

3 - Adobe & Upwork Certified (check my profile) 

4 - I use Adobe Creative Suite programs, Blender 3D, and Canva 

Willing to negotiate any opportunity 


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I am open to join any available agency

I am looking to join an agency where I can use my skills. My skills include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Microsoft Excel.

I have sent message regarding the same. Please have a look and reply.

Hello Jeffrey,
I have sent you priavte message and waiting for your reply.


Hi Adeyemo and Jeffrey,


The only way to join an agency is to be invited by an agency administrator. Your relationship with them, including how you get paid, is managed privately outside of Upwork. You can learn more about agencies here to help you decide if agencies might be a good fit for you.

~ Arjay
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I am working on amazon ppc,I already completed several jobs in upwork.I would like to show my portfolio with reviews and join to an agency where I can get more works, I appreciate any kind of help! Have a nice day.

Hi Rabiul,


The only way to join an agency is to be invited by an agency administrator. Your relationship with them, including how you get paid, is managed privately outside of Upwork. 

~ Joanne

Hello Rabiul,

I have just sent you private message. Please check and reply.

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Am available to work with an agency

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Hi, I am an editor and I want to join an agency. I have 2 years of experience. Can someone help me? Here is my portfolio and some of the work I have completed successfully. Thank you



Untitled4 - Copy.png


Hi Nguyen, 
Let us discuss.
I have sent you private message. Please check and reply

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Hello everyone

I am an experienced and top-rated virtual assistant. I have completed 29 jobs on Upwork, and I am looking to join a top-rated agency to pursue more opportunities. Thank you for your response.

Hello Muhammad kindly join my agency we have a good team thanks 

Please send me an invitation to join your Agency 

Join us. We are Data-Driven digital marketing agency. Take a look at our agency Upwork profile at https://www.upwork.com/companies/~01dae41fa85eb79a5c

You can use agency connects to apply for your skill-related jobs


Hi Bashir,

As a skilled Frontend Developer, WordPress Designer, and Technical Writer, I am looking to build out my portfolio with reviews by joining an agency on Upwork. This would enable me to not only work alongside other professionals but also support exciting projects. Thank you for your help!

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I am Word Press Developer. I build many websites like car services, car rentals, masjid websites, Digital agency websites, meat stores, and E-commerce stores. I recently worked for THE DIGITAL LAB Agency, which is Registered in the US, but now I am looking for a new Digital Agency website where I can do some new projects to show all my expertise.



Anas R.

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Hi, I am an architect & interior designer. I want to join a agency. I hve 5 years of experience. Someone can help me .

thank you

Hi Kiran,


When logged into your Upwork account, use the top right search bar and click "Talent". Then search by the appropriate agencies and contact them. Thanks!

Thanks for the guidance William, 


I want to offer outsourced services to international graphic design agencies. I can provide them design teams, handle their projects from start to finish, account management etc. Should I directly message them to offer my services through my upwork profile which shows an individual profile or how does it work?


Thanks in advance!

How do I send message or contact the agencies 

thanks william but i tried it . but not get any response from any agency.

liste  iam  looking  too  but  i can't  found  one  so why don't us  creat  one together  and  invite other  interior designer  ?

hi! i'm a proffesional fashion designer with 19 years of expiriance in the industry

Although I am an expert in the field itself, I am new to everything related to Upwork
Until recently, I managed a design and development department at a large fashion company
I am now looking to make connections and add people to my UpWork network 
And I would also love to join an agency (only with a high level and experience. Not something for beginners)
I would be happy if you'll contact me


Architecture Engineer interior , exterior i have 12 years of experience in interior,exterior and graphic design a passion for innovative design, and excellent collaboration and communication skills.

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Hello. I am a photo editor and photo retoucher. I looking to join an agency.

I found several profiles of agencies in the direction that interests me. But I can't write to them.

Maybe someone can help me?

Here is my profile:


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Hello! I would like to be in an agency. My line of work is virtual assistant, real estate and law, writing and editing. In my profile, there are descriptions about my abilities. If you give me the opportunity, I will appreciate it, so I'll demonstrate it in the expected results.

Hi Khary 


Your profile is set to private, but I might be interested in having you join my agency.  https://www.upwork.com/ag/sbparalegal/


Could you share your profile with me please?





Hello Shannon,


 It´s my profile: 


Thanks a lot!

Hello, Shannon.

It´s my profile: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~015b9c6d143c496a7d

Thkans a lot!

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I'm a versatile graphic designer. Please add me to your community 


I am willing join your agency. i am waiting your response.

Thank you!!!

hello i want  know can we make taem evre one in spasfec skill ?

Please, I would like to know how to reach out to agency administrators in order to request their invitation to join their agency

Hi hope you guys doing well. Its been like 3 years working as a freelancer in upwork but did work with any agency before. Is there any agency for me. 

Please check my profile here https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01d6ced0358548e7c5



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