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Agency Networking

We're thrilled you are here! We understand that many of you are not just looking for answers to your agency-related questions but are also hoping to network and meet potential team members and collaborators.


We're delighted to announce that we’ve created a space for you to do just that! So, let's get started and make valuable connections that could lead to amazing team members and partnerships.


Here are a few rules to go over:


How to get started: If you're a freelancer looking to join an agency or an agency owner searching for new members to add to your team, feel free to comment below! 


Best practices on connecting: We encourage you to engage with other members by responding to their comments, checking out their public profiles and portfolios, and even communicating with them via private messages if you're both interested.


What to avoid: To keep things professional, we kindly ask that you don't share any contact information in the thread or post any job listings. This thread is solely for making connections and expressing your interest in joining or building a team.


We hope you find this thread helpful and that it leads to fantastic collaborations and partnerships!

~ Valeria
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Interested in joining an agency and also looking to hire top-rated plus freelancers.

Ahmad S.

Hi, I'm willing to join or apply.

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I am available for work on wordpress web projects. hire me in your upwork agency


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This Zain Ahmed has office and Amazon Assistant work expertise and I wanted to join an agency. 


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Hi everyone.

I am an SEO writer with 5+ years of experience, and I'm looking to join an agency. 

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Indeed job to land my #1 job

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I'm content creator and medical belong writer so how can get the opportunity to get transform my skills .

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Hi  I'm debele degefu I'm content creator and content developmor is any agency who hiring me to work for them I'm open to writing and data entry .thanks

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I have a question regarding time tracking when a client reaches out to an agency.


I have an agency with me the owner and 1-to-2 other engineers doing the work.  I have a client who has approached me for a possible contract that he would like to award me and I would like to use my agency for such contracts.  But he wants to enable Upwork Automatic Time Tracking.  My question is:


If my staff engineer is doing the work, do they have to be hired by the client or can this be done through an agency for time tracking?


If my staff engineer is hired directly by the client, will he/she see the contracted rate I negotiated with the client or not?


If my staff engineer is hired directly by the client, will they get paid by the client or all funds go directly to the agency, and then I pay my engineer?


Please advise on the above questions as I need some help with this urgently.


Thank you.


Hi Mohammed, I feel it is better to raise this question to Upwork customer support through chat or by email. They could give you ther right information.

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Hello All,


I am new to Upwork and despite a lot of efforts, I am still unable to land a job. Hence I have decided to join a reputed agency that will help me grow my career in Upwork. I am an experienced IT Support professional with 4-Years experience in remote desktop/laptop support, troubleshooting common PC problems, basic network troubleshooting to quickly identify problems and escalate major issues to next level teams. I am attaching my resume for your reference.


Thanks & Regards


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Hi! I am a YouTube SEO expert and I am new on Upwork and struggling to get work, I want to join an agency to find opportunities and work. Thanks 

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Hi, I am looking for an agency to work with. You can check my profile, but in summary - 


I have 13 years of experience in software development, 5 of which is with Java (which I work in now primarily). 


Projects I have worked on are in:

E-commerce - linking dashboard with SQL Server, integrating payment feature; 

REST APIs in .Net Framework and Spring Boot, applied in various extents in Telecoms and Medical industries - from payment feature to maintaining customer service records, etc.


I have some experience in Android development, MS Azure, C#/VB, Python/Django. 


I have Nuget/Maven/Gradle code libraries to my credit.


I am currently learning AWS. 


I am ok with agile and design patterns.


I am available, should you want us to discuss this potential.


Thanks in advance.

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Hello!  I'm a creative open to partnerships.  

I speak branding. 👽

More at: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/mauroalexandresantos

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Hi, thank you for this, it is very informative topic and forum.Could you please explain me, who can create Upwork Agency? The creator should be rasing talent or freelancer who is new on Upwork?


Hi Tatev,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I would like to let you know that both new and experienced users can create agency account on Upwork. If you want to create an agency to help market the services of a team you’ve created, you’ll first need to create a freelancer account for the person who will be the agency owner.


You can find more information here

~ Nikola
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i am a freelancer i have been working on fiverr since 2018 as a freelancer and now I want to work on upwork also but I do no tknow how to find clients and get orders. i am a graphic deesigner.

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Hello. My portfolio is on **Edited for Community Guidelines**

I am making websites in wordpress, Bootstrap and html or css. I want to find other website designers so we can bid on jobs and do the work for clients. Maybe someone with experience is best. 

The last project I needed to create similar website that client wanted. Theme needed to be totally changed ( astra). 

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I am Yashpal singh, a full-time Shopify Expert/Developer with more than +4years of experience in Shopify store design and development.

I focus solely on e-commerce store development on Shopify.


Whatever you are looking for on Shopify, I am sure I have worked on it before and with my experience, I'm able to provide top-notch service and put a smile on your face 🙂


Yashpal Singh

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Hi! I'm a marketing strategist with over 6 years experience. I have worked in agency and in-house teams with start-ups, big brands and non-profit organisations.

I would like to join an agency of motivated and passionate people.

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I am fawaz 

i have experience in data typing 

i will complete the quotation in an hours 

For more content me

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Hi ,
I am an Accountant ,  I am New on upwork and I want to join an agency to have more opportunities.

Thank you 

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Hi, I specialise in Google Ads and I'm looking to join an agency. 

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I'm an experienced HR Head looking to join an agency as freelancer

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Hello, I am new to upwork and I am very excited to be here. I specialize in customer service and I aim to please. Feel free to send me a message if you would like to converse. Thank you, Shawna Dixon

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Hi Elizabeth ,

I am interested to join your agency please advise the process of joining. 

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Hi Valeria K,

I am New here,  I want to join your Agency, 

I offer my help with the task you are in need.

I provide- Virtual Assistant, Data Entry, Web scraping, Web Research, Admin Work, Copy paste, File converting, Data Mining, Lead Generation.


Kindly Regards

Abdullah Al Mamun

Data Entry Expert

Abdullah Al Mamun
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Hello guys.

I am SAADI SALAH and I have expertise in Shopify Store management, Odoo, Baselinker, and Airtable, interested in joining an Agency.


My hands-on experience with e-commerce platforms and inventory systems has given me a strong foundation in supply chain dynamics, enabling me to effectively manage stock levels, process orders, and utilize data for strategic decision-making.


I would welcome the opportunity to discuss potential synergies between my background and your Agency's needs. Please let me know a convenient time for a conversation.


Appreciate the consideration.

Best,SAADI SALAH EDDINE https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/saadis6

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Hi Everyone,

I hope this message meets you well,

I looking forward to working with an agency here with the aforementioned attributes.Kindly reach out to me.I am available to work with you immediately 

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I want to join the agency, how can i be the part of it ?

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As a Dynamics CRM 365/CE Consultant with over 16 years of industry experience, I specialize in designing, developing, and delivering effective and innovative CRM solutions using the Power Platform. I have a proven track record of managing and leading global projects, teams, and clients, as well as creating new business opportunities within existing customers and implementations.



Looking to join an Agency to boost as a team

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Hello I am interested in Finding an agency who might be in the need of my skills. 


I am Passionate about driving project success through strategic planning and innovative solutions. With expertise in operations management and technology, I bring a unique blend of skills to every project. I love all software that helps people work better and solve problems, that being said I specialize in the following tools:

  • Smartsheet
  • Notion
  • Asana

If anyone knows of a good direction to point me in, please let me know!

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Hello, I have a team of 23 photo editors, can I join your agency?

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Hello Everyone

I got my top rated badge on upwork, now I am finding an opportunity to join an agency.
I am an expert designer and my neches are Logo, brand idenitity, UI, UX (web & app).

Would be thankful if you can add me in your agency.

Zain Basham

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Hello all, 

I live in Canada, recently I wrote a fantasy story in Russian, what are worldwide publishing agencies publishing in Russian? 

Thank you

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Hi UpWork family! 


Just wanted to introduce myself, I didn't realize UpWork had a cool community feature like this until now - awesome! I'm a high-energy growth strategist, RevOps leader, certified HubSpot partner and experience enthusiast supporting deep-rooted entrepreneurs and creators in amplifying their impact. Most of my engagements lately are fCMO, fCRO, GTM/startup advisory, or HubSpot training/services oriented - but sometimes I still get traditional "marketing agency" types of inquiries that require content creation, website overhauls, brand refreshes, and campaign implementation... so I'm always open to meeting referral partners and freelancers I can work with or sub out to! I've been practicing staying in "my zone of genius" and really learning to stop aiming to be a "one stop shop" ... as so many of us learn through the years. 🙂 I specialize in sales-marketing alignment, strategic partnerships, bold messaging/thought partnership creation, unique product positioning and pricing/services strategies, and anything/everything HubSpot. On the side, I have several passion projects in the wellness/fitness/spiritual/retreat space. Someday I will have my own retreat center with equine therapy and an animal rescue sanctuary, too. ;D 


Cheers to life, and excited to meeting and/or collaborating with all of you! Feel free to check out my portfolio/websites on the bio link below or connect on LinkedIn. Looking forward. 🙂 


**Edited for community guidelines**

Hi Nicole, very nice to meet you! Would love to join your network and help out if needed with anything!

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Hi everybody. Thanks to this post. I'm a freelancer and new to upwork. Trying to join agencies. 

I have experience with Python / Web Scraping / Web Crawling / Database with Python / Sqlite3.

I'm trying to find jobs.

Please contact me if you are interested. Thanks anyway.

Have a good day 😊

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Hi everybody,

I'm new to the Upwork platform.

I have experience with Python, Web Scraping, Web Crawling, and Database operations.

I am trying to find an agency to work as a full-time freelancer.

Is there anybody to help me at this point?  thanks...


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