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Agency On Upwork

Dear All,
Hope you are fine and doing great.
I am working as a single freelancer on Upwrok from the past few years. Now, i start my small startup. I need to know that, should I create a new account for agency or just simply create agency profile on my previous profile. Because some clients don't give project if freelancer is assosiated with any agency.
Please guide me.
Asad Wali


There must be a freelancer who owns the agency. Since you are only allowed one freelancer account and one agency account, that means that they must be linked. To create a separate Upwork account would be a violation of ToS.

Thanks Jonathan


Hi, You don't need a separate account to create an agency account. You can create with your old profile. 

I believe it is wrong perception, to associate with any agency stops you to get more work.  i did not find any suitable reason behind this myth.

Thanks Umair, But some clients said me like this.

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