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Agency Proposal

Hi good day,


I just want to ask about delegatng task to my agency members. If a client offers me a contract and i delegate it to my team member, does th payout go to the agency? I'm the business manager and owner of the agency.

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Community Manager

Hi Randy,


If you want another Agency member to work on the specific contract, you can have the client send an offer to that member and hire them under the agency, the payments will then go to the agency account. Please check this help article about Agency Finances.


Also, please note that it's not allowed for freelancers and agencies to subcontract work on hourly contracts. Only the person hired on the contract can work on the contract and track time. If you want another member of your agency to work on this contract, please ask the client to hire them on a fixed-price contract.


Thank you

~ Bojan

Yes i am aware of it. But what i'm asking is that if as an owner i'll propose a new contract to the client, does that automatically fall as agency contract? Since the client choose me and not my team member. I like to spare the client the effort of sending/hiring another contract.

Hi Randy,


If you propose a new contract this will be proposed under your agency profile and your team member/s. The client will need to hire each team member in order for them to be able to deliver their work or track their time. Thank you.

~ Goran

Okay, Thank you. I'm proposing a new contract because he hired me instead of the team member that should be hired.

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