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Are agencies worth creating on Upwork?


I am having trouble finding out is there any market demand for gig agencies on Upwork?

Because i haven't seen any post in last 11 month that agency could apply to!

Almost every one wants individuals. 

Are there agencies who still are active on Upwork and have active clients and they also see business reasons to be on Upwork?


Appreciate if people could participate and share their thoughts and experiences. 



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Of course agencies are worth it. And the fact that clients don't want an agency doesn't mean you can't apply.

I don't understand your respons. If client don't want agencies, then why would anyone create agency?


Clarification : I am not applying to agency but trying to kick start one. 

Because agency owners want agencies. That simple. Yes selling as an agency is harder than being a freelancer. It's salesman's task to convince a client to bite into it. And yes this is objective, not some subjective preference of the clients: set of client cases for which agency is a good choice is very limited. Task of a salesman is to sell. It does not mean that buying should be a good choice.

You essentially clarified nothing in your response.


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Thanks for asking! i am also curious about this question. 



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  1. Different Roles in the Market: Both things have different jobs in the market. To succeed, you need to know who you're selling to.
  2. Why Freelancers Are Preferred: Many businesses like hiring freelancers more than agencies because they're often cheaper. Freelancers can easily charge by the hour, which helps control costs.

  3. Challenges with Agency Pricing: Agencies tend to have fixed prices, which can be seen as expensive. This can lead to disagreements about how much a project should cost.

  4. Cutting Costs with Freelancers: Everyone wants to make more money by spending less. Hiring freelancers is a common way to save money on projects.

  5. Benefits of Agencies: But starting an agency can be a good idea. When you work in a team, you can be more productive, solve problems better, and generate more opportunities for your career to grow.

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