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Re: Assigning Multiple Freelancers to a Contract

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Karan B Member Since: Nov 21, 2020
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Seems like a big gap.

Not sure how do we do big software project with team of 4-5 resources for like 3-4 months on T&M basis? Doing fixed price contract is not ideal solution. That means either client is paying more than required or Agency is taking much bigger risk.


Will be good to know why Upwork is not taking this on priority. This could mean much bigger contracts and thus much bigger commission for upwork.


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Michael D Member Since: Sep 2, 2021
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So you're saying it's not possible for a "client" to hire an "agency" in Upwork's Agency schema?  Sounds like you guys are overcomplicating your user's experience (both client's and agency).  In my line of work, this is a complete lose (i.e. terrible UX = leaving money on the table).  Please consider rethinking this.

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Laylee B Member Since: Nov 10, 2021
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This is a much-needed feature. If a client is hiring my agency for a large web development project, We would absolutely have multiple developers work on this (Designer, Developer, SEO, etc..). We normally do these as hourly contracts, especially when it comes to ongoing maintenance for a website. If I cant have multiple employees work on a contract what is the point of an agency account? I just recently opened my agency account but now it seems like it's not really going to work out for our needs. This seems like a huge miss for Upwork. 



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Man Choy L Member Since: Jul 10, 2019
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I'm also facing the issue. As an agency owner can't assign task to members too on hourly contract. 

I would like to ask you a question what if my agency member is taking a holiday break, it is only this agency member who has a contract with the client. All of sudden client wants the job gets done, how to resolve it ?          

Your sincerely,
Johny L.