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BM is not able to see all teams in my agency

Hello friends, 
I just restarted my agency yesterday. I appointed a BM and she is not able to see all teams in my agency. How a BM can send proposal on behalf of all teams in an agency or BM can send proposal only from her own team? sorry friends I don't much familiar with agency terms and conditions.
Hoping to listen good answer. Thank you.

Community Manager
Community Manager


Are you referring to the agency "Work at Home?" If so, you will need to update your Business Manager's role, settings, and permissions by going here. You may read more about updating these settings in this article, and you can learn more about agencies by visiting this collection of articles here.

I hope this helps!

~ Avery

Hi Avery, Thank you for your information. However, I had already done these settings like this


Still my BM is not able to see all other team. Let me go through all these once more. 
Thank you.

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