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Being a participant in the project chat room without being a full member of the agency.

Hey there! Hi everyone, I have a specific query.


A friend of mine, has an agency. Also, he and I are on each other's "Network"


Right now, he has a contract where he needs help communicating with a client.

On my side, I cannot be a member of his agency, as I am a member of another agency (exclusive, without access to join other agencies).


Can my friend add me to his project chat for my communication with him and his client? Would this violate any rules?


Thank you!



Hi Oleksi,


Thank you for reaching out. Agency members who are exclusive work on Upwork only as part of the agency. This is the most common type of agency relationship. Your profile and proposals are branded with the agency to make the agency’s part in the working relationship clear to clients. 


That said,  as an Exclusive member, you can only be part of one agency at any given time. You won't be able to be part of another agency while you're an Exclusive member of the current one. Feel free to check this help article to learn more.


~ Arjay
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