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Best Practices when submitting a proposal as an agency

I'm a new agency manager, and I'm trying to learn how to submit a proposal as an agency. My questions are:


1. When a submit the proposal, should I identify as an agency? or do I just apply as if I'm the agent I chose for the proposal?


I've read in some old posts that some clients prefer this, but from an agency perspective, what's the best option?


2. How does the process look after being selected for an interview? Does the agent I selected continue with the process? or does the agency continue to negotiate until the client is ready to send the contract?


I'm just not sure about the process, and I couldn't find any good examples or information about this.


I'll appreciate all the information this community can offer. Thank you for taking the time to reply!


Hi Leonel,


Thank you for your reaching us. You would need to activate the Agency Plus plan to invite other team members to your Agency. The agency manager with the Business manager's permission can submit proposals on behalf of any agency member. They can edit or withdraw agency proposals and accept or decline offers for the agency. You can refer to this help page for more information.


When a client responds to the proposals submitted by the Business Manager, both the Agency member and Business Manager can communicate with the client through the message center. The business manager can also add team members to the conversation with the client. Feel free to message us if you need further assistance.


Thank you,



Leonel, I have this same question. My boss and I just started an agency account and now I am wondering how best to submit proposals for our agency.

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