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Billing with Agency

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Bence H Member Since: Mar 5, 2020
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Hi there!


I don't understand the billing part of the Agency.
The 'Get Paid' section in the 'User Settings' are separated and can be set for my personal account and for the Agency, but the 'Contact Info' is shared.


If I do a job with my freelancer account and want an invoice to my self-employed business, then I set the 'Invoice address', but what if I have another job with the Agency and I want the invoice with another address?


Do I need to change the 'Invoice address' every time when I want to withdraw?

What if there is a setting with scheduled withdraw for my freelancer account and with the Agency?


Also I couldn't find any sources what will be on the invoice for a job for the Agency? Will be there the 'Legal Name of Business' from the 'Tax Information/W-8BEN' or my personal name?

Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Bence,


Could you please clarify your questions so that I can assist you further? Thank you.

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Bence H Member Since: Mar 5, 2020
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Hi Goran,


Thanks for the fast reply!


Sorry, maybe I asked too much questions at once.

Which question is unclear, or maybe the whole post is not understandable?