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Can Agencies work as a team?

Hi, my name is Alfredo,


I run an illustration startup, so recently I got an agency profile to being able to include my team to the projects, specially if paid hourly. Today we got an hourly project, so we were ready to start working (you know, as a team) BUT for what I've read, if I accept the project as a Studio manager I CAN'T delegate work or simply assign it to the most fitting person. Is that right?


The client has to hire each and every person on my team so we can work together on an hourly project?


If so...  what are the advantages of an agency profile (for a working team) again?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Alfredo, 

If you want to sell your services as a company, the agency is the right set up for you. If you will be a whole team working on the project as a whole, I would recommend using a fixed-price contract instead so that you can sub-contract the work to the other members of your agency. In this case, let the client know that they can set up a fixed-price contract with you (as the Account Manager/Business Manager for this contract), and you will be working with a group of other team members for the project output. 

~ Avery

Hello Avery,
My advance apology if I am wrong about one point of your suggestion, i.e. "I would recommend using a fixed-price contract instead so that you can sub-contract the work to the other members of your agency."  So, you suggest, any Agency/Company can only apply for "Fixed Type" job or ask the client for assign "Fixed-type" job offer.  But my question, if any client would like to proceed with hourly job, so we (like In-house Agency/Company) need to leave that job proposal. For that case, we have lost so many job opportunities.  Already,  Agency/Company are hasitating to submit their proposal, where client clearly opted the option of "Talent Type: Independent". As premier Elance/Upwork agency/company owner/business manager, I am facing so many problem under this type of Agency structure. Please re-think about to update the Agency structure (Elance Agency Structure was fair and good enough), unless we are loosing so many job opportunities.
Expecting your kind response.
Thank You,

Hi Bibhas,


Thank you for your feedback, I will share it with our team.

~ Goran

Hi Goran,
Thanks for your reply and assurance. Elance Agency workflow is the best. Waiting for the update. Agency structure should be more perfect like Elance. As per Upwork policy, Agency Owner/Business Manager will be responsible for the payment of each Agency Freelancer/Staffs, so this is very important to impliment the Elance Agency structure.  I heve an experience that one of our staff/Agnecy member will leave our Agency after achieved 100% review with his profile JSS, which has no credit of himself. The Business Manager is distrbuting works with their Agency/Team Members generally.

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