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Can I add agency members when I have a job offer already for the Agency?

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Kenneth A Member Since: Apr 7, 2017
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I am a new Agency owner and I would like to know what will be the efficient way for clients to get freelancers from us.


1. Is it possible that I will start sending proposals and talking to clients without me adding the freelancers yet to my agency? And only I will be talking to the clients and once there is a project, that is the only time I will add the chosen freelancer?


I would prefer that all my Agency members will be on the "Exclusive" status.  I do not want the freelancers to be stuck on our agency for a long period of time while looking for clients. I still want them to have the freedom to apply on their own in case their is opportunity for them. I just want to add them by the time they have sure clients already.


2. Or is it better that all freelancers I have is already added to my agency so once I send proposals, client will already see my members?


What will be the PROS and CONS of this? Thank you