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Can agency owners see my inbox messages



I am gonna join an agency on upwork, will the agency owners be able to see my inbox messages that were sent to me before I joined them? Exclusive or non exclusive in both senarios? 


Hi Atif,


Agency members who are exclusive work on Upwork only as part of the agency. This is the most common type of agency relationship. Your profile and proposals are branded with the agency to make the agency's part in the working relationship clear to clients. 


On the other hand, non-exclusive Agency members can work on Upwork independently or as part of an agency. When the contract is with the freelancer as an agency member, we pay out contract payments to the agency. However, we pay the freelancer directly for contracts independent of the agency. 


When you submit a proposal as a non-exclusive agency member, you can either submit the proposal as an individual (Agency owners cannot access your messages) or as a member of the agency. Exclusive members' proposals are all presented as members of the agency.


If you are an exclusive agency member, responding to an invitation to apply will place any subsequent proposal on behalf of the agency. Only the agency owner and business managers can accept agency offers. This means that they can also access your messages. 


We suggest you check this help article to learn more about agency member's exclusivity.


~ Arjay
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Can an agency provide us work..???

Hi Sadia, 


Agencies can help you in your efforts in finding a client. Agencies usually have a business manager who sources job for the agency members that match their skills. 


You can check this thread to see if there's an agency that you can join.

~ AJ
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