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Can't add my UK-based company's registration number because it's 7-digits, form validation fails

My company's based in the UK. I have an agency account and need to add my company's registration number in the agency's account settings area in the section for tax. It's also not possible to raise a ticket, so I'm in a Catch 22 kind of situation, because on the one hand I have valid company with > 10 years history, but will not be able go withdraw my earnings until I add my registration number.


The support bot is absolutely useless, does not forward you to a human when you request it and there is no way to raise a ticket. Very disappointing and I'm not sure how to proceed!


Any advice would be welcome! Thanks in advance!

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It can be frustrating when you encounter form validation issues like this, but there are a few things you can try to resolve the issue:


  1. Try entering your registration number without any spaces or special characters. Sometimes, form validation can be very strict and may not accept certain characters.
  2. Contact Upwork customer support via their official channels. You can try emailing them at **Edited for Community Guidelines** or reaching out to them via their social media channels. They may be able to manually add your registration number to your account.
  3. If all else fails, you may need to consider registering a new company with a registration number that meets Upwork's requirements.

I hope this helps, and good luck with resolving the issue!


Hi Abu,


Thanks for your advice!


As a developer myself, I'm aware how form validation works. However, registration numbers vary a across countries and the validation does not take this into account for the UK. Also, it is by no means reasonable, or an option to register a new company, (given that mine already has over 11 years of history!), just so that some stupid form validation can pass.


However, thanks for recommending to write to their support e-mail! After having browsed around Upwork's site for quite a bit, I wasn't able to find how you can raise support tickets and it appears that the easiest way to do so is by sending **Edited for Community Guidelines**an e-mail.



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