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Can't buy connects in my new agency account

I created a Agency recently and I am a non-exclusive member of the agency. 

I can not use neither my freelancer connect to apply as Agency

nor can I buy connects for my Agency 

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 I don't want my agency to show up in Search Engines - how can I set my Agency profile to Private and acheieve this

Hi Jiten,


I checked and it looks like you were able to purchase Connects and apply to a couple of job posts! To learn about Setting Your Profile Visibility, check out this help article.


I did follow that article and changed the settings but I still do see my upwork Agency Account in Google Search. 

How can I remove that ? 

Thank you

Hi Jiten, 

Take note that there is no company profile privacy setting. If any agency member has a public profile, Google can find the link to the company page.

As for appearing in Google search results, please know that we don't control Google's search results. If your profile is set to private, Google will take some time to de-index the page from their search results. You can file a request with Google by going to this page to remove the content from their pages.

~ Avery
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