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Can't gain up that Top Rated badge

I need some assistance please. I can't find the reason why we lost and can't obtain the Top Rated status anymore. 
We maintain 100% JS for a long time, finished contracts, all that stuff and no accounts holds but no luck with Top Rated anyway.  
Any advise would be appreciated.

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Hi i checked out your agency profile and i would like to inform you that even if you have maintained a 100% jss score you have to be invited to earn top rated , in upork even if you have met the requirements to earn a badge you will still have to be invited by upwork before you obtain the badge and although you have met the requirements  sorry you might not get the badge.Hi i am sydney and I am a skilled graphic designer that specializes in logo design , bussiness card designs and flyer designs you can even check out my profile and feel free to contact me for more info.

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I've never heard about that and I think you mixed up this requirement with another badge. As I know there is no need for an invitation to obtain a top rated badge. 
Anyway, I'd already had this badge earlier, but it disappeared now. 

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Required 13 out of 16 eligible week for top rated badge and after 13 week it takes up to 24 to 48 hr to reflect top rated badge on profile, still issue persist you can ask to support they can check if any technical issue is there.

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Thank you for your replies! 
Fortunately, I think I found the solution myself. 
Our agency income is below the limit set to be able to obtain top rated badge. 

Okay that's great! Happy working!

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