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Client Threatening me to remove my review


We worked with the client from feb 2022 to april 2022. We as an agency delivered her project and ended the contract on time. Although we kept asking her to check if she has any issues time to time but she never responded.

She was harsh and rude when we were working with her so we posted an honest review. Now after a year she messaged us and asked us to remove our review just because she isn't landing any talented developers or agencies to work with her. 

She is also threatening that if we do not remove our review she will contact Upwork and tell them we lied in our review. 

What kind of behavior is this? Isn't this against the Upwork rules to threat agencies to remove negative feedback?

Please guide

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please see the below screenshot...! she hired me on my agency account and the agency owner left her a review after we finished the project.

now she is complaining after almost an year ?


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Hey Syed, once a review is closed it's closed unless you enable it. I have never had your situation happen to me, however my guess is that I would block the person on Upwork and ignore them. Have a great day!

I exactly did that... I reported those messages... she is clearly asking me to remove the feedback so that she can trap more freelancers as she said she is unable to hire anyone because of my review? Also she gets frustrated on me and now saying remove the review or karma is coming after you?

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Yes, those are a violation of the ToS. There is no way to remove your feedback to her, short of refunding the job entirely (and I'm not sure if even that would work). AFAIK, Williams's comment only applies to the Client's public feedback to the FL. If your client sent those threats via Upwork, then you can report those messages using the process that CJ outlined here.

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You should report her before she do

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