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Client cannot invite team members

Hi, i have a agency on upwork and i have added all members as exclusice. The issue i am facing is that my client is unable to invite my agency members. Whenever they send an invite its gets sent to me and only i am able to submit proposal on that invite. How do i create a set up where client I can either assign a team member to a job or submit a proposal on their behalf if i get a invite.

I have a cliet account aswell and i tried to do a test to see if i can send invite to team members but it was sent to me. For example you see this is the agency and when i click invite to job


I will get to this screen when i click invite to a job as you can see below. Now this invite is being sent to me but i would like this to be sent it to a team member, i mean afterall this is what agency is for right? so team mamers can do the work


Now even if i get to the bottom of the page where it says agency members, you can see below that nowhere it shows Invite a job for agency members. And its only showing that invite can be sent to my account. Not sure how to approach this situation.


I just want a contract where my team member is working under agency and invite is being sent to them via agency. How to achieve that?




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It seems you are facing an issue with how the client invitation process works for your Upwork agency. The key points are:


When the client tries to invite your agency members to a job, the invitation is only sent to you, the agency owner, instead of the individual team members.


You would like to set up a system where the client can either directly assign a specific team member to a job or allow your team members to submit proposals on the client's invitation.


Currently, the agency members section on your Upwork profile does not have an option to allow the client to directly invite them to jobs.


To address this issue, I would suggest the following:


Contact Upwork support and explain the challenge you are facing. As the agency owner, you should be able to request a feature that allows clients to directly invite your team members to jobs.


Alternatively, you could explore setting up a process where you receive the client invitation, then internally assign the job to the appropriate team member who can then submit the proposal on behalf of the agency.


Another option is to see if Upwork allows you to designate a "lead" team member who can then manage the client invitations and proposals on behalf of the agency.


The key is to find a workflow that allows your clients to engage with your full team, while still maintaining your role as the agency owner. I would recommend reaching out to Upwork support to understand the available options and see if they can accommodate your needs.


Please let me know if you have any other questions! I'm happy to provide further assistance.

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