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Client need 2 different jobs, how can I setup a different contract?

Hey All,


Just for clarity, I've applied for a job under my agency and the clients wants to hire me and also one of my freelancer. The job that I applied for was a hourly contract, however, we decided that instead of hourly, we'll instead do a fix-priced weekly contract and the other freelancer from my agency will be on a hourly contract. How can I get this setup with the client?


Hi Muhammad,



Your client will need to send a Fixed-Price offer for you to accept in order to create a Fixed-Price contract. Your client should be able to hire both of you using the same job post. 


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Hey Muhammad, it's almost always going to be easier to manage a project with a Fixed-Contract regardless if you are a Freelancer or Agency. 99% of my projects are setup as Fixed-Contract. Thanks!

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