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Completed Job, Marked Approved, Didn't get Paid

Hi! I recently completed a job where I the job was marked completed and paid on 11/27. It has been 2 weeks and I have yet to see the funds in my history of billing. How can I trouble shoot this?

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I recently provided services for a client contract and the contract was completed on 11/27. The client provided 5 star reviews and confirmed the deliverable however I am not seeing the amount earned in my View Transaction History. The contract shows under "Contract" and "My Jobs". I attempted to open a ticket with Upwork but cannot find the portal for this.

Hi Sharon,


I've checked and it looks like the contract and the earnings you're referring to are related to the agency contract (Contract ID: 35461345). Please remember that all payments for contracts under the agency are paid to the agency owner's account.

I can also see that you've raised a ticket about your concern and one of the support team members has responded with more information about the contract in question. Feel free to check your ticket here or your email for these updates.


Meanwhile to learn more about agency contracts and payments, please visit these articles:



~ Arjay
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