Connects being deducted is different than what it shows on job!

Hi All,

Seeking your help with a strange issue we are facing from couple of weeks. As per the latest revision of Upwork connects, different jobs may require the different number of connects to place a bid on, like 2 OR 4 OR 6.

Whenever we place a bid on a job that requires 4 connects, it actually deducts 6 connects from my connect balance.

Have a look at the screenshots attached in support of the concern I am raising here. It is today's incident, I placed a bid on the job which required 4 connects, but as you can see in the other screenshot of our connect history, it shows total 6 connects deducted from the account.

Connects HistoryConnects HistoryJob that requires only 4 connects to place a bid onJob that requires only 4 connects to place a bid on

We are looking for immediate assistance in this case. I am unable to reach the Upwork support team through email so I am posting it here. Kindly help me. 


It was possibly originally 6, then reduced to 4 because of insufficient / not high quality enough applicants.


Upwork changes the number of Connects required according to the applicants.

When I saw the job for the first time, it was showing me 4 connects only.
When I placed the bid, it deducted 6 connects from my balance and I took a screenshot of it to explain it to the support team. 

Even if UpWork has reduced it from 6 to 4 (due to any reason), it should cost me 4 only, isn't it?